Reading Mistress

Reading Slave Is Humbled

Relocating to Reading has been everything I hoped it would be and the slaves are probably even kinkier than ever! I’ve enjoyed some wonderful sessions with submissive slaves since I moved here, but one that particularly stands out is a session I did with Slave Nancy. Nancy is a big fan who is always sending me […]

Relocating To Reading, Berkshire

Good byes are always sad and I am going to miss my Watford slaves, but all good things must come to an end and I will be relocating to Reading, Berkshire next month. My last working day in Watford will be Thursday 8th June. After this date, I will still be available for femdom sessions […]

The Best Webcam Show Ever

I blogged some time ago about ‘Cocktail Slut’ one of my slaves who’s fetish is based around his palette as he likes to ingest all kinds of vile food ingredients to please me. This slave never fails to entertain me. He is very articulate, educated and funny without meaning to be or even realising it. Last […]

Timewaster Alert Watford

This is a heads up for dommes in the Hertfordshire area. The client uses a fake twitter profile, turns up with no cash and tries to plea bargain. No matter how enticing the deal may seem to you, please don’t be deceived. Take my years of experience onboard and save yourself the headache.  So, this […]

Double Domination In Watford

Please note: I have now relocated to Reading, Berkshire.    For those of you who have been asking me about forthcoming duo’s and double domination days I have some great news for you! I have a few events lined up with other Mistresses over the next month. The first kicks off with Judgement Day on […]

Thou Shalt Obey Your Mistress

Sit and Obey – Obedience Training For The Feral Male. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I’ll encounter a sub who does not quite grasp the natural pecking order during session time. I suppose not every sub has an IQ big enough to fathom simple logistics and rules, but it is easy to teach them […]

Deadly Assassin Gets Pussy Whipped!

This is a role play scenario I enjoyed with one of my regulars recently…   My hitman Addy reported to me at 2pm and delivered news which was devastating and sent me into a furious rage. He had been appointed to take out a target from a rival group and had failed the mission. He arrived […]

Levels Of Domination

I always say that communication is key to any good relationship whether professional, friendly or romantic. This is especially true for D/S power exchange relationships. There are many different levels of domination and I am always certain to ask my slaves what level of a certain act or fetish they are looking for. This is […]

Women Rule And Men Drool!

I have some great regular slaves. They are generous, obedient, well mannered and know to to converse well with a Mistress. On the flip side – this month my phone has been even more inundated with utter fuck wits claiming to be subs and I thought I’d share some of this with you  – my […]

Have you experienced sub drop?

I was having a conversation with my slave the other day and saying that it was great to see how comfortable he is with his fetishes. I explained how I had a few subs that sometimes felt shame afterwards and would need reassurance or would sometimes appear to get depressed and disappear before returning to me full […]

Shoots & Double Domination With Roxi Keogh

Dear Slaves, Sluts and Deviants, I am delighted to announce that I will be teaming up with the stunning Roxi Keogh on 15th April for a day of fetish filming and duo sessions with subs. Roxi discovered her love for domination after a sub requested a foot worship session and she has become increasingly more […]

Strap On Video For First Timers

Many subs and fetishists are very intrigued about anal play and the strap on, but first timers tend to approach me with similar concerns and questions. They query things such as “Will it be painful?” Will you go gently with me?” “Will you use lube?” The key to great strap-on sex is plenty of lube […]

Converted To Chastity By Mistress Kaz

King Snake is a submissive chap and an avid fetish fan, but he had never before entered Chastity until we began liaising. When he heard about my 7 day chastity challenge he decided to bite the bullet and lock up his cock 24/7 and report back to me daily. Sleepless nights and overwhelming and bizarre […]

Stan’s 7 Day Chastity Challenge

The 7 Day Chastity Challenge! Want to be part of this? Get in touch! You must be prepared to enter into chastity non-stop for one week and keep a diary for me! Stan Stan is a 36 year old delivery driver. Despite being happily married he craves the feeling of being submissive and has bisexual urges […]

Slave Takes Mouth Wash Enema Punishment

One of my regular pets Slave Harris first visited me for a whipping session. It transpired that he is quite the masochist and has found over time that there is nothing he enjoys more than being subjected to copious amounts of pain.  Harris isn’t one who gets off on humiliation and he doesn’t enjoy being […]

Make Up Guide For Sissies

I often get sent photo’s from Sissies who have done their own make up and it’s obvious that some of them need a little help. After all most sissies want to look feminine and not like Krusty the clowns little sister. I am putting together this basic Make Up Guide For Sissies to help all […]

How To Douche For Your Mistress

Douching is always good practise if you intend to partake in any form of anal play. It avoids embarrassing moments and if you are well douched it will ensure that your Mistress doesn’t run from the room screaming should you leak something less than enticing from your rear end. I have had various experiences with […]

Fetish Model Lolani Talks BDSM

Lolani SBS is a 37 year old fetish model from the West Midlands who has a passion for BDSM and is strongly opposed to censorship within the media. This venturesome young lady began modelling at the sweet age 0f 18 when she entered a competition in the Sports newspaper and won. She was then headhunted […]

The Truth About Lifestyle Slaves

With so much fetish and BDSM on the internet there are more and more Vanilla’s (BDSM Virgins) dipping their toes into the world of fetish and experimenting with things they had never before considered. You may also be surprised to learn there is also an increasing number of submissive males who are living the BDSM lifestyle around the […]

Slut Training With CrossDresser Jessica Dee

I have many sissy followers on Twitter and I keep on eye on those who strike me as particularly slutty. I had been talking to Jessica Dee on webcam for a while and it seemed we have many common interests, so a kinky day of filming seemed very appealing. I am extremely selective about whom I […]

Slave Etiquette

When you enter the world of BDSM and Fetish there is a lot to learn and you may slip up along the way. My guide to Slave Etiquette will help you to avoid embarrassing yourself, or causing your Mistress to refuse seeing you again. These are some basic rules to ensure your introduction to Femdom […]

How To Spot A Time Waster

This blog is mainly for newbie dommes and Mistresses, however it may give some of you non dommes a chuckle too at the lengths some guys will go to for free kicks! Some time wasters are very obvious whilst others are a little more subtle. Here is how to spot a guy who is wasting […]

Thirsty For Fetish

I love all things Vampire, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles through to HBO’s True Blood. If it has Vampires in it then it has my attention. I just love the idea of seductive immortal beings that are ultimately powerful. Of course I have no interest in being it’s victim, I would want the complete transformation […]

Kink Up Your Christmas

Kinky Couples If you are one half of a kinky couple you might be considering ways to kink up your Christmas. Many online shops stock kinky treats and gadgets but if you are looking for something a little different why not head to your local B&Q? You can find all manner of brightly coloured ropes, […]

Chastity Slave Reveals Wife’s Total Control

Sub J lives across the pond from us in the USA.  He is a switch but currently going through a more submissive phase. He gets his kicks from spending extensive  periods in chastity. What’s slightly more unusual, and indeed wonderful about J, is that he shares his fetish with his wife who fully embraces a […]

Name My Naughty TS Doll

I love to buy kinky and unusual items for my fetish wardrobe. They are a great addition to sessions as well as webcam play. When shopping online recently I had decided upon buying a blow up doll to train my subs with but was torn between getting a male or a female doll.  When I […]

Vlog On Character In This Shoot

When I collaborate on a photoshoot I like to come up with motives and my desires for the character to make them more real. I just love to psychoanalyse them and give them added darker dimensions that make them even more twisted.  In this Vlog I refer to a shoot I did with an awesome […]

Face Sitting Fetish Interview

Comfort Face is a creative professional who works in the arts and hails from the Netherlands.  Today he shares with us his experience and views on various fetishes such as face sitting & his thoughts on censorship. This chap is extremely open and raises some very intellectual points about fantasy versus reality and prohibition. Read […]

Super Villain On The Loose – Beware!

The latest news brings reports of a crazed super villain on the loose. This dark and deadly female has been known to lure all manner of perverts and deviants to her lair and then hold them captive for hours, whilst she subjects them to the most abhorrent punishments…and all at their own expense. The villainess is […]

Foot Fetish And Wrestling Entrepreneur monkeyboy

Monkeyboy is one of the few kinksters that has turned his fetish into a business. His love of foot fetish and women wrestling and overpowering men has turned him from a secret fetishist into an online entrepreneur who turns people’s fetishes into an on screen world of fantasy. Read on to find out how deepest […]

British Bitches Day Of Fetish

What could be possibly better than a dominatrix wielding a strap on? How about 5 strap on wearing bitches! On 24th November The Sluttery will be presenting ‘Deviant Dommes’ in Watford. In attendance will be the delicious Dakota, sensational Stevie Lou from Babestation, Kinky Katie Sparks, the Luscious Lottie Carmen and myself. We love a […]

Torture Garden Fetish Club

Recently I had the great pleasure of being invited to The Torture Garden Halloween Ball by the amazing Tiffany Snow. Now there is an offer you simply can’t refuse – enjoying an evening in a fetish club with a beautiful blonde! We spent a lot of time choosing our outfits. Tiffany poured her tight, toned […]

Interview With A Strap On Fetishist

Meet Danny. A young chap who enjoys online D/S relationships with dominant Transexual women. What’s quite astonishing about Danny is that he only 21, a tender age to develop a taste for fetish and indeed be ‘owned’, though Danny expresses himself verbally with a maturity far beyond his years. He is also in a vanilla […]

Interview With A Master

Rick is a dominant male and an Ex porn star with a penchant for spanking and gasmasks. Whilst his adult movie days are behind him, he still has a passion for kinky sex and dominating his parters. Masters can often be portrayed as abusive or reckless in the media, yet Rick is certainly evidence against […]

Latex Fetish – Interview

Do you have a latex fetish? You might be able to relate to some of the things in the following interview. *Steven has an ordinary day job and a family, but he closely guards a deep secret that he is only able to share with the dominatrix he visits. For when he clocks off from his […]

Chastity Fetish Interview

Today I interviewed *Levi,  a successful businessmen in his early 40’s from the Netherlands who considers himself as submissive. He has a big fetish for online dommes, financial domination and being locked into chastity. In this wonderfully frank interview, Levi was very open and honest and I am grateful for his willingness to share his secret […]

Interview With A Cross Dresser

I am starting up a series of interviews with fetishists and kinksters to find out more about the personal and private side of kink. Hopefully within these interviews there will be some questions answered that many other fetishists are wondering about. I do hope you find my interviewees as interesting as I do. Today I spoke […]

Fetish Is The New Black

Years ago the word ‘Fetish’ would summon up images of creepy old man in anoraks slapping their salami behind a newspaper whilst wearing a lurid expression. The world has changed substantially in the last 20 years and if you ask someone what they think of when you say the word fetish they will think of […]

Masked Role Play Fetish

Recently I encountered a sub with a very unusual and interesting fetish. Roland has a big thing for mask, gas masks and bandit style handkerchiefs worn around the neck and face so it was a good opportunity to get into a juicy role and play the big bad bitch! We began the role play on […]

Mistress Kaz Rates Your Pathetic Dinky

For some reason many simpering male slaves send me photo’s of their inadequate maggot-esque appendages asking for my opinion. “Is my willy small?” they ask? “Is it big?” I suppose some are hoping for some kind of form of validation, others are yearning to be humiliated, whilst some simply want to show off their little […]

What To Expect From A FemDom Session With Me.

I receive contact from many new subs asking what to expect from a femdom session with myself and what an average session involves. The answer is that there is no average session! Each session is tailored to the individual slave. I like to begin with a list of likes and limits from the sub to […]

Webcam Domination Berkshire

I offer two types of webcam domination for Slaves. The first option is to book a one to one Skype show with me so I can dominate the sub via webcam. We can see and hear each other and my sub can enjoy putting on a show for me or await instructions. In the past […]

Femdom Photo’s

I recently shot with a fantastic Dutch photographer and collaborated with him on some racy images.  The shoot had an erotic Femdom and BDSM theme and I was joined for part of the shoot by a fetish model and slave by the name of Alex who enjoyed submitting to me and made for a fantastic model for […]

Femdom Interrogation Reading

Slave Addy shares a twisted imagination with me and wanted to do a session whereby I played an evil villainess who had captured him. Being a big fan of Marvel, DC and fantasy this was right up my street! I often like to play a little music in my sessions to create an atmosphere and […]

Filmed Femdom Sessions Reading

Do you ever think back to a femdom session that you really enjoyed with a Mistress and wish that you could re-live it? I am now offering slaves and subs the opportunity to obtain a little momento of their session with me and have the session filmed. If you are happy to wear a mask […]