If you are single and have submissive tendencies or a fetish it is often hard to find someone to confide in or share your concerns.

I have been in the fetish industry for over ten years now and this year become a columnist and agony aunt for the Daily Sport. Each week, readers send in their problems, conundrums and pickles and ask me for advice. Other than my own personal experience, I take care to thoroughly research every question to ensure I full understand what the reader is going through from a psychological point of view and do my best to offer advice from the heart.

This week I have received e-mails thanking me for my advice when these individuals had no one else to turn to. It’s a great feeling of satisfaction to know that you have helped lift the burden from someone a little when they share their deepest secrets with you.

As long as I’ve been living, people have always confided me, even strangers. Maybe I just have one of those faces! I was born a Scorpio’s and we are known for taking secrets to the grave. I pride myself on my confidentially and being a person that people can trust in to keep their secret safe and to give them the advice I think is right and just, whether that’s what they want to hear or not!

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If you would like to share a problem with me, please e-mail agony@dailysport.co.uk

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