Mainstream Media, My Book & New Year

Evening Slaves & Deviants, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the festive celebrations.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Mistress Kaz and quite the media frenzy with the story of my alternative Christmas spent with my elf slaves appearing in many publications, from glossy Woman’s magazine ‘Closer’ through the tabloids such as The Sun and The Daily Mirror! It’s been a great end to a rather hectic year!

Admittedly this year, in between my kinky femdom sessions I have pretty much been glued to my laptop and either writing my book, my column for the Daily Sport or concentrating on various other projects on the boil! I have had to sacrifice leisure time and having a normal life for a good 2-3 years, but slowly it is beginning to pay off and my mind is clearer and more focussed than ever before.  Nonetheless, I am very much looking forward to a girly spa day with my family in January and just switching off for a couple of days.


It will be fabulous in 2018 to see some of these projects through finally and also to venture far from the confines of my domestic dungeon and office! I am very passionate about my work but cannot wait to feel the sunshine beating down upon my skin and the sounds of the waves crashing gently against the shore.  We all need balance in life, but sometimes we must delay it. I am feeling the call of Thailand and the urge to connect more with nature…but we shall see!

My book Sordid Secrets is still very much in the pipeline. I am currently having a cover designed for it by a rather excellent graphic artist and I also have a wonderful young lady working on illustrations for inside the book. When these things are complete it’s pretty much ready to go! I have already began writing a sequel to the first book, which is going to be even more controversial than the first book! I’ll let you know soon where you can order a copy from. Thank you for your patience on this one and for supporting me throughout the year with your wonderful gifts, tributes and buying my movies and galleries.

Dominatrix Mistress Kaz & Blow Up Doll JizelleSo onto New Years resolutions! Generally I prefer to set mini goals throughout the whole year, but my hopes for 2018 are to raise everyone up around me who deserves it as much as I can, write and read extensively, travel more and to always see the best in everything.  Surprised? Well I can’t really get more kinky, so I had to pick something else! 😉

What are your resolutions or hopes? Care to share? Why not tell me on twitter at

Have a great New Year’s eve everyone – maybe see you at Eureka Lifestyle club on 31st December where there will be an exciting announcement!  If not, have an amazing time and don’t forget to get your kink on! 😉

Mistress Kaz is a Reading based Dominatrix Who Appeared in Closer Magazine


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