An Extract From My Novel Sordid Secrets…..

Sordid Secrets A Novel By Mistress Kaz

An Erotic Romance Novel…. 

Chapter 1: Amy

I stood in front of the grey building taking in my surroundings, a blend of nerves and excitement.

I pulled out my pocket mirror, a pretty and ornate silver compact Hugh had bought me. I glanced at my reflection and felt a surge of relief. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but I know most people find my appearance jaw dropping and for all the right reasons.

I’m 5’7 and have long flowing flame red hair, which is cut into an asymmetrical style with one side of my fringe falling softly over my face. My eyes are green and twinkling and I have soft, fair creamy skin with a hint of strawberries. My lips are full and pink and my breasts are full and pert. It’s my legs I’m most proud of though! They are long and shapely and cream coloured under my black nylons which reach the top of my thighs.

I’m not exactly short of admirers either. Some are handsome. Some are rich and some are both! They practically fall at my feet sometimes too. I sound a little arrogant, don’t I? I don’t think I am. It’s just a nerve wracking day for me and I’m doing my best to remind myself of my best qualities…not that I like to brag…

My thoughts turned to Hugh. He is a beautiful man. He isn’t classically handsome, he isn’t chiselled or athletic but he has a good kind face and compelling soft brown eyes I could lose myself in. I would even say that he is a little quirky looking with his nose that is slightly bent and leans to one side. It’s a face I feel comfortable with though and I felt a pang as I thought of him.

I would class myself as heterosexual, although something within me craves the touch of a dominant female. A woman who is beautiful, strict and commands me to submit absolutely and completely. To give over every ounce of my power and be controlled. The thought of being teased mercilessly by such a woman, reducing me to a quivering wreck in the throes of orgasm, drives me to the brink of insanity… I’m getting carried away with myself now!

I turn my thoughts to the present moment. The house really looked quite beautiful in a bleak sort of way. Black painted wrought iron gates rose at the perimeter of the building and the main building itself rose into the sky in a manner which was foreboding and thrilling all at once. The gothic windows gave the mansion an air of elegance, mystery and romance and I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement and a few nerves as butterflies swooped and dived inside my tummy.

Whilst my insides burned and skipped a dizzy dance, the biting wind nipped against my flesh and I could feel the cold air of the day trying to snake its way inside my garments.

I thought to myself that the climate was uncharacteristically cold for June, but then justified that in Britain it could be June and the weather may bring, sun and shine, sleet or snow! You just never knew what to expect…except inconsistency!

I wrapped my dusky blue tweed coat around myself a little tighter and then smiled as I thought of my sheer nylon stockings and suspenders underneath. It may be chilly, but the thought of my naughty undergarments warmed me and made me feel another surge of pleasure.

Looking around I noticed a beautiful rose bush to my right. The flowers were in full bloom and stained with the deepest crimson red. I reached out, but not to take a rose. I pushed my forefinger down onto one of the shrub’s prickly thorns which penetrated my flesh, causing a single drop of scarlet blood to form on the end of my finger tip. To me, pain and pleasure are the same thing after all!

I quickly peered around, peeking through my dark sunglasses. I am not really sure why I wore these. For one there is nothing more suspicious than a person who wears dark sunglasses and keeps looking around covertly. Secondly, this place is in the middle of nowhere. I immediately felt silly and took the glasses off, then I put them back on again.

I hesitated for a long moment focusing on my breathing. Then decisively, I walked down the cobbled path and up the grey stone steps to the heavy wooden walnut door.

I knocked and before I could turn away it opened and I was pulled inside.


I hurried along the passageway behind the blonde woman who was clad from head to toe in shiny black PVC.

She held onto my hand and practically pulled me down the corridor. It was a confident move, strangely intimate, somewhat intimidating and completely thrilling!

I remained a few steps behind her and as I did so I couldn’t help but gaze at her behind! I admired the way the fabric clung to her perfectly curved bottom, the light bouncing off it like rays of sunshine. My eyes followed the nip of her waist, the curve of her sensual hips which wriggled as she walked and the swell of her cheeks which gently rocked from side to side. I felt that excitement rise in my chest again.

The blonde woman pulled me into a room which glowed with candle light. This was my first chance to properly observe Lady Athena. I gazed at the absolute vision of perfection before me. I couldn’t help feeling a little envious of her beauty, but more overwhelmed by the feelings of lust that lurched out of nowhere and made my head spin and legs feel weak. My stomach was flipping 360 degree somersaults and I could not take my eyes off her.  She was slightly shorter than me, I would say about 5’4, but she projected an aura of confidence and charm that had me completely enchanted.

Her golden blond hair was piled high on top of her head and her skin was a soft golden hue which made her hazel eyes sparkle. Her eyes twinkled but conveyed little emotion. I imagine that they cleverly hid a myriad of dirty thoughts and intentions. Perhaps that was wishful thinking! She wore a tight black PVC cat suit which accentuated every beautiful curve. I was spellbound and gazed at the absolute sublimity of her physique. If I ever believed in lust at first sight then this was most definitely it. I reprimanded myself instantly and reminded myself of the context of my visit. I was sure that Lady Athena would not be short of admirers and I must not over excite myself with delusions that would lead to disappointment. Whilst I longed to enjoy the sensual pleasures of an intoxicating and forbidden woman, I was a married woman. Perhaps I should say that this had all been a mistake and take the next train back. What was I doing here?

I suppose I was curious. Others might say I was thrill seeking or playing with fire.  When I was little my uncle lit a BBQ and told me not to touch it. The minute his back was turned I reached my fingers into the flames and screamed. How I cried. How the pain hurt for weeks afterwards as my blistered skin healed.  When my hand healed, I was left with a tiny scar and proudly showed off my battle wounds to my friends at school.  Everyone wanted to know how I got it, if it hurt and if I cried.

“Oh my whole hand was burnt terribly!” I told them.  “But it’s just a burn, only temporary.”

I realised that I was still gazing at Athena with a mixture of awe, fear and lust. I mentally shook myself. I moved my attention to my surroundings in an attempt to appear a normal human being and not some kind of weird sex crazed freak

In the middle of the room stood an old oak four poster bed. It looked incredibly inviting with its soft, sheer veils of net which flowed down the bannisters. More thrillingly perhaps, was the various ropes, chains and other odd looking devices hooked to each post. My mind raced as I tried to guess what each thing was for and I imagined myself being at the centre of all these erotic pleasures

The room had an intentionally archaic look to it and lit candelabras stood on every surface, giving the room a beautifully soft glow. It felt comfortable and inviting, despite some of the more aggressive looking devices which hung from the wall.

“You may call me Princess”  Lady Athena told me. “And kneel when I speak to you”

I sunk to my knees obediently. Through lowered lashes I peered up at Princess.  She was even more beautiful from the front and my eyes rested on her inviting cleavage.

“Are you staring at my breasts?” Princess asked me.

“No, I mean yes, erm..” I said hesitantly, my voice breaking a little

Athena laughed, a sweet little chuckle and she leant forward running her fingers through my long red hair. Her touch was exquisite and I could tell that she approved of me, aesthetically at least. There was something in her eyes, but I couldn’t quite figure it out exactly.

“If you were a male, I would beat you senseless for the privilege. However, as you are so pleasing on the eye, perhaps a mere spanking is in order.”

As she spoke she pushed her ample cleavage into my face. I could feel the soft rise of her breasts against my skin and I could smell her deliciously sweet perfume which made my head skip with images of the ocean, palm trees and juicy ripe apples.


I gasped with pleasure at the sensation. I could clearly see Athena’s nipples were stiff against the tight shining PVC, practically straining to escape. I longed to stroke them softly with my fingertips, or gently flick at them with my tongue. I shook such thoughts from my head, not daring to step out of line. I must remember my place. This is something I had always yearned for and I didn’t want to displease Mistress and ruin everything.

“Please Princess, you mustn’t go easy on me.” I gently whispered, my eyes wide and I suspected – full of passion.

“Then so be it. From this moment and until I tire of you, you are my slut. You will wear nothing unless I instruct you to do so. If I want to use you in any way that I see fit, you will comply. If I punish you or spank you, you will take it with no complaint. If I decide to reward you with pleasure, you will kiss my feet. Understood?”

“I understand Princess.” I said casting my eyes to the floor.

“Good, Now remove your clothes.” She told me

I began to remove my shirt, suddenly feeling a little awkward whilst Princess looked on. She stood in a dominant stance with her hands on her hips, a small tight smile playing upon her lips.

I slowly undid my buttons feeling ridiculously self-conscious. I gazed up at mistress through thick lashes and what I hoped was an endearing and sexy pout. Perhaps I looked like Leslie Ash on a bad day, but Mistress was looking at me with approval so I think I was doing ok.

I coyly unhooked my bra and then let it drop in a way I had seen glamorous Hollywood starlets do in films. Princess nodded, then she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me close. For a moment, I dreamed she was going to pull me in and kiss me with those heavenly lips of hers, but just as my lips began to form a pout, she did something unexpected…….


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