Rise Of The #Sexennials Sexual Freedom

Rise Of The #Sexennials Sexual Freedom

Sexual freedom is no longer a distant dream for many women who refuse to be silenced, slut shamed and oppressed. They are taking the bull by the horns, demanding liberation and owning it.

British women are reclaiming their sexuality and shouting about it from the roof tops. The rise of the female sex blogger is evident if you trawl through twitter, where hundreds of sexually empowered women pop up as suggestions. They are proud to review sex toys, talk about their own sex lives and have an army of female followers who are keen to share stories of their sexploits.

Men all around the world must be touching cloth as they realise that women are not only talking about sex, they are embracing their sexuality and supporting one another with their #noslutshaming stance. Women are openly talking about masturbation, sharing stories of their favourite sex toys and techniques for achieving orgasms. Many compare their f•ckbuddies with comments such as “My Monday FB has such a huge dick, but my weekend FB really knows how to go down on me.”

In previous generations, men were celebrated for their sexual conquests and having two or three women on the go and now it seems that millennial women want a big fat slice of the pie! Of course, their male counterparts may be quick to slut shame and reinforce negative and misogynistic attitudes, but aren’t these women simply doing what men have done since time began?

Medicine and technology have created shifts in lifestyle for many women and long gone are the homely stay at home and serve your husband wives of the 1950’s. The pill becoming readily available in the 60’s influenced the free love movement of the 1970’s. Plus now women are more clued up about sexual health. There are a vast array of women’s magazines, blogs and literature all advising women on how to be sexually active and yet still be sexually healthy.

Rise Of The #Sexennials Sexual FreedomPerhaps the biggest influence of all has been the internet, which has seen women’s groups emerge and an unfathomable number of women blogging about sex tips and encouraging their followers to try them out.

Finding a suitable playmate to test these with is as easy as swiping right on Tinder. Long gone are the days when a woman would need to go to a bar and find a man that she found attractive. All the flirt and chit chat is no longer essential. They can decide purely on attractiveness, swipe right and arrange a hook up.

Personally, I think most of the excitement when meeting someone new is the build-up. The flirting, the waiting for replies and the banter is the biggest turn on and it makes a man work hard for his prize. The thought of swipe right dating apps leave me a little cold, yet who can blame these women who are simply products of the world they live in.



So, have women replaced their need for men with vibrators, BFF’s and sex buddies? Should men be breaking out in cold sweats right now and bulk buying Kleenex? I don’t believe so. I think if men want to up their game, rather than being afraid of this movement, they should be part of it. By that I don’t mean that they should high-five their female friends and yell “I heard you got laid last night, by two different guys! Nice one buddy!”

However, instead of feeling threatened by female sexuality and sexual freedom, they would find a greater success in embracing it, understanding that females have sexual needs and be willing to discuss sexual matters with them in the appropriate context.

There is no need for a sex toy to be a modern man’s enemy, in fact it should be his best friend. Showing a sensitive and non-judgemental mind when it comes to sex toys and tricks will make you far more attractive to any woman than any brand of aftershave on the market!

Are you ready to become part of the  new breed of male that celebrates equal sex opportunities? Are you a #Sexennial who supports women’s sexual expression?  Or do you oppose this? Why not drop me a comment on twitter www.twitter.com/kazbxx

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