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Dommes – Carving Out You-Time

Most can probably relate to the pressures of modern society and the need to respond to messages. If you are a domme, times this by at least 20 as not only do you have text messages and Whatsapps incoming but most likely multiple social media streams and sites where you will receive messages and have […]

Why SW’s are awesome

Why are those within the realms of adult entertainment called sex workers? The name reduces to their work to sexual or indirectly sexual acts which is a very basic way of looking at the range of all the wonderful things they do. Why not sexpert, kinkspert or Erotic Body, Mind and Soul practitioners? I guess […]

Dommes Have Limits Too

If you are new to the femdom scene you might wonder what kink limits are. They are simply things that are off limits, that you definitely wouldn’t do or consider and these vary for everyone. You might even be under the false impression that limits are just for subs. Allow me to enlighten you – […]

What’s A Worthy Sub?

Dommes will often discuss red flags in a sub but what constitutes a worthy sub? What are some indications that you are dealing with a respectful submissive? Naturally, they should be polite, and courteous and address you correctly. You would expect to see that they have done their research and know basic details such as […]

Ultimate Degradation

Degradation  – a beautiful word that conjures up all manner of intriguing notions and ideas, and it’s so open to interpretation. For some, degradation might entail mild name-calling. For others like my Slave Zero (aka Fluffy when he’s sissified), degradation means seeking out the lowest depths a submissive can go to amuse his Mistress.   […]

Busting The Bilbo Baggins

Balls. Gonads. Cajones, bollocks, jizzberries, betty swallocks, tea-baggers, nuts! If you have just escaped a religious cult and are baffled at my phraseology, I’m talking about testicles! Whatever you call them, they can be delicate little chaps. Perhaps that’s why some submissive men feel that the ultimate act of submission is to surrender their little […]

Sensual Power Of Blindfolds

Imagine this. You are spread-eagled on the bed, your wrists and ankles restrained to the bedposts, restricting your movement. Your Mistress then places a blindfold upon you, perhaps it’s cool black leather, rubber or even silk. The room fades to black as all visual stimuli melts away.   If you are new to BDSM you […]

What’s an introductory session?

An introductory session is ideal for first-timers or subs and kinksters, who are looking to expand on their current level of training with a new Mistress.    How is an introductory session different from a standard session? Often with regular subs, the Mistress may call all the shots or conduct the session in a more […]

Final Surrey visits

It’s been such a fun-filled, frantic journey visiting my Mistress friend Lady J Red in Surrey but all good things must come to an end and I must announce our final tour dates. These are: Friday 24th February 15th and 16th March and already taking bookings.  I will never forget all the fantastic times, sessions, […]

Sissy Party 15th Feb Surrey

Calling all sissies – it’s time to gather up your satin, frills, and bows for our post-Valentine sissy party! Lady J Red and I will be hosting a sissy party next Wednesday 15th Feb in Surrey. We will provide the makeup, knickers, and wigs and have some items of clothing you can wear. This will […]

A deeper understanding – Manlock on Sex workers

This week’s very special guest is Manlock, a writer, submissive, and a keen contributor to the BDSM community. In the following article, Manlock writes that there is more to sex workers than meets the eye, and he debates the varied skillsets and people skills that sex workers must perfect to run a variable, ever-evolving business. […]

EyemBlackSheep Talks Intimacy as a Submissive

EyemBlackSheep discusses what intimacy is like as a submissive male. Is this something you can relate to or is your experience different? Let us know in the comments box. If you would like to be a guest blogger for uk-fetish please email or contact me on Kaz Twitter -KB ————————————————————————————————————— A few years ago […]

Podopheleus writes – Should Subs Have A Kink CV??

The following article below is written by Podopheleus who explores the idea of a kink CV. It’s an appealing concept. Let’s face it if every sub supplied a CV of his or her likes, limits, kinks, and desires along with a skillset, experience, and references it would make life much easier for his dominant! (In fact, […]

3 Domme Femdom Parties in April

Femdom Parties in April Has the arrival of Spring given you more energy than a Duracell bunny? Well it certainly has for me and my Domme friends! We are organising an exclusive two days or Femdom parties to celebrate! This is a rare opportunity to attend a party with like minded people and get to […]

Upcoming Tours Spring 2022

Upcoming Tours Swindon, London, Surrey!   This week’s strap-on party in Derby was met with great success. Mistress Ashley, Lady Dark Angel and I set up various party games with some kinky twists and took our subbies on an adventure to pound town for 2 and a half hours. Some of our subbies enjoyed the […]

March London Tour With Amber West

The Spring always brings a sense of excitement with it and breathes new life into everything making it the perfect time to ramp up your usual dose of femdom with a new intensity. One of the things I’m looking forward to most (other than the Derby strapon party) is my London tour with Amber West. […]

Strapon Party 9th March in Derby

What happens when the worlds of three exuberant dommes collide? Something truly magical, an event that is earth-shattering, all-encompassing, and a time you will never forget. On the 9th of March in Derby, such an event will take place with Mistress Lady Ashley, Lady Dark Angel, and myself at the helm, steering our subs through […]

Upcoming February Tour Central Reading

I’m delighted to announce a new tour for February. My anti-valentines tour kicks off 16th and 17th February in central Reading in a discrete, modern apartment. If you are a singleton there’s no need to feel as if you are missing out Valentine’s week, instead celebrate your freedom and indulge your inner kink! On the […]

November Tours: How To Book

Dear Slaves, Subs and kinksters I have a couple of tours lined up before the festive season hits us, so if you are eager to join me for a femdom session before we all become very busy, you may be interested in some of the following tour options below. If you are planning on making […]

Mentioned in London Professional Mistresses

I love creating digital clips and uploading them onto Clips4Sale. They’re like an army of digital mini-me’s providing thousands of JOI’s to you kinksters over and over again, 24/7. And it always pleases me to know the sissy’s amongst you can easily get inspired for your next session.  Times are certainly changing. I would never […]

London Duo Sessions With MLA

I have just returned from another fantastic day of domination duos with the gorgeous dominatrix, Mistress Lady Ashley, aka MLA. On occasions I have mentioned to some of my slaves that I sometimes work with MLA, and the funniest couple of responses I had were – “Oh really? But isn’t she really scary?!” “What do you […]

London shoots! Excel and Chelsea!

I’ve just returned from a great week of filming with Saskia Squirts. We stayed in a hotel right by The Thames and had a gorgeous view of the river next to us. This also made a great back drop for our lingerie shoot – bright neon colours and heels against a calming body of water, […]

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised

Yesterday, Saskia and I released tour dates for East London and here is a tantalising teaser of what we get up to when the two of us get together. I’ve kept the trailer as work safe as possible, however there may be some scenes which may cause viewers distress, and may be seen as crass, […]

Sessions + Duo Tours Spring 2021

Hello dear subbies and kinksters, It seems like a lifetime ago when we considered popping into the dungeon for a bit impromptu domination a pretty standard Tuesday afternoon. We’ve patiently waited for what seems like an absolute age and it finally our patience is being rewarded as we experience a slow return to normal activities. […]

Inside BDSM

Inside BDSM – the good, the bad, the kinky! A nosy student journo speaks to Mistress Kaz and finds out what in the world goes on inside BDSM!   What are some of the misconceptions about being a dominatrix? There are many. Some people assume you wander the house clad from neck to toe in […]

Velvet Rope Swindon Based Dungeon

Dear subbies and kinksters, I recently discovered The Velvet Rope, an amazing kink-friendly members club in the heart of Swindon. The club currently hosts socially distanced fetish and swingers nights and there are various rooms in a dungeon area that are available for Mistresses to hire. Having this gorgeous venue virtually on my door step, […]

25 Reasons To join my Onlyfans

25 Reasons To join my Onlyfans Let’s make lockdown 2 a time to remember for all the right reasons. Access to 1555 PHOTOS  Watch over 578 VIDEOS  New content DAILY It’s $4 for 30 days access, that is £3.04 for a month which is less than 12 pence per day! Cheaper than a takeaway coffee! […]

Findom Versus Femdom Plus Mental Health

Today I’m going to discuss Findom Versus Femdom. To start lets define each of those. Findom – A fetish in which a submissive person is aroused by giving money to someone he views as superior, or having his finances controlled. A sub with a true Findom fetish will not expect anything in return. Femdom – […]

Retraining For The Lost Subbies

Dear Subbies, sluts, slaves, & freaks,                       I fear that a small number of you have become rusty and have forgotten how to interact with a Mistress. A good sub should know that I provide services I enjoy, but I am NEVER working for you. […]

Latest News

Hi everyone, It’s been a trying few months for everyone and I do hope you are finding ways to relieve some of the added pressure and tension caused by the current pandemic and being cooped up inside. I can only imagine some of you must be craving a good spanking or humiliating punishment. It’s been […]

The UK Fetish Awards has landed!

The UK Fetish Awards Dear slaves, friends, fans and followers, An evening of hedonistic entertainment awaits you, I announce – the UK Fetish Awards! The awards were set up to help promote those that work in the industry for free, de-stigmatise it as a career choice and create a wonderful event to celebrate all those […]

Winter London & Reading Tours

Winter 2019  – Dommes and Pornstars unite to bring submissive slaves the ultimate bucket list experiences! Dear Slaves, sissies, and subjects, I’ve had a lot of requests for London tour dates and duo sessions with other ladies. This November and December there are many dates and wonderful experiences for you to choose from. Please decide which […]

Mistress’s Sexy Little Sub Slut

From time to time I join forces with other like-minded female dominants, to push a little at my slaves’ limits, test their capabilities, and just because I enjoy it quite a lot actually! It’s quite rare though for me to team up with female subs, as they are rather more hard to find. A few […]

How To Not Offend Your Domme

Acquiring a new, compatible domme can be a minefield for submissive gentlemen. The first part of the process is relatively simple, narrowing your search down to whoever seems to fit what you are seeking and finding out if you ‘click.’  You may then enjoy a wonderful session from your perspective, only to find she doesn’t want […]

Sissy Party 7th May Reading

Sissy Party Tuesday 7th May   Have you always dreamed of attending a sissy party, with strict, yet playful Mistresses to guide you? I have exciting news for all sissies in training and eager would-be sissy sluts! Mistress Petite and I are organising a sissy slut party in RG30, Reading on Tuesday 7th May. We welcome you […]

Dungeon Duo 25th Feb E17

You step into the dungeon, your throat dry and a swirl of butterflies dancing around inside your tummy. Soft, floaty drapes of crimson hang from the walls and low amber lights create a heady glow. The dungeon is dimly light and eerie, yet strangely exciting, and there is something familiar and comfortable about it. You take […]