I’ve just returned from a great week of filming with Saskia Squirts. We stayed in a hotel right by The Thames and had a gorgeous view of the river next to us. This also made a great back drop for our lingerie shoot – bright neon colours and heels against a calming body of water, and skies which stretched on for miles.

Kaz B aka Mistress KazSaskia Squirts & Kaz B











Lingeri shoot

Nat and I dressed in shirts and tartan skirts












It was a year and a half since I’d seen Saskia and we had a lot of catching up to do! On the first night, we enjoyed some girly time in the bar, she had a J20 and poached salmon and I had a fish Goujon ciabatta and a glass of Rose. I love my trips away. It’s always great to meet up with new people and enjoy some different surroundings. Being Scorpio’s, small talk doesn’t last for long and our conversation turns deep and philosophical, although one of us normally breaks the spell by doing something utterly ridiculous. Saskia will fall over or accidentally throw her duvet away with the sheets, or I’ll spend ages looking for the thing that’s already in my hand.  It seems I am also a human juke box and unawares I’ll slide into something from the 90’s, 80’s or 60’s, all while tapping on my phone and not even realising what I’m doing. Somehow, we manage to get it together and organise a diverse array of shoots!

Last week we had the pleasure of working with Darkside magazine, who came and shot some content for us. During this shoot, we also managed to get outside for some discrete and sneaky flashing, well I think I was discrete at least. Saskia ran across the bridge stark bollock naked and I could not stop laughing! My girl is guaranteed entertainment! A couple of cyclists went past but did not stop. Clearly, they are used to the madness that city life brings!

It was an action-packed week and King of Sins – Jay Johnson popped by and he and I dommed Saskia for a scene in the boudoir! Later, I filmed them, Saskia knee deep in gravel whilst Jay gave her a good ravishing!

King swol centre, Saskia right, Kaz leftWe caught up with King Swol for a kinky foot fetish scene with a difference and Ganzt came and filmed us. The shoot was almost derailed when I whipped out the tingle lube trying to be helpful. It turns out that stuff is no so much tingle but sting-le. Poor King was on fire, but luckily he managed to keep things on track, being the super star he is. That stuff is lethal – I do not recommend tingle lube, unless you are a pain slut, in which case – apply generously!

I then left them to it and went off to enjoy a Bloody Mary in the bar. The bar lady who served me made one of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve had in a bar, and it was blissful enjoying the peace and quiet while sipping my drink. I love socialising and working with other people, but then I love slipping off and carving out a little time for myself sometimes. I sat there on the comfortable padded sofa wriggling my toes and enjoying a bit of quiet time.

By the river Thames in London It went amazingly fast and parting is always so bitter sweet. I enjoy going home, but always miss my friends. I’m sure it won’t be long until I see them again. We are already in talks about getting together in London at the end of June. I’m already looking forward to some long, sun drenched walks by the river, some crazy shoots, lots of laughs, banter and good company! You can’t beat a good collab with a good bunch of people!


I’m also catching up with my pal Amber West next week and we are getting together for filming and femdom duo’s in Chelsea, London on 25th and 26th May.  I’m very excited to think of all the antics and crazy fun we will have.

I’ll keep you posted and share some of our shenanigans soon, or if you are subby or kinkster drop me a line to find out how you can see us., and if you play your cards right, well, you could be serving us very soon!

Straight after my Chelsea tour, I’m off to the dazzling Cornish Riviera to visit family for a birthday party. I love being by the Coast and can’t wait to smell that fresh sea air, stroll along the beach and enjoy a couple of ice cold Gin & tonics – bliss! I think this is going to be an amazing summer, I’m loving life right now.

Have a great weekend

Mistress Kaz