Dolly Darling and Kaz B: If Mr Kipling Organised Tours

A fabulous duo tour with Mistress Kaz and Dolly Darling in Reading, Berkshire!


I am sat sipping Sauvignon Blanc from a frosted glass and wearing little more than a silk robe and a smile, which follows an exceedingly good tour with Mistress Dolly Darling! If Mr Kipling organised tours, he would be celebrating his excellence right now.

It is hard to believe that Miss Dolly Darling  and I met only last summer, following what can only be described as a very disturbing group shot. I am not one to dwell on the negatives, and so the individual that made the beginning of the shoot somewhat Hellish, has almost melted from my mind. What stays with me is the wonderful friendship I formed with Dolly Darling and Abby D as a result of this. There is always a silver lining and you can always take positive things from a negative experience.

Shortly after the event which we known as BrightonGate….we began to work together.

Dolly and I began to offer duos at my venue in Reading and were inundated with slaves who were hungry for a seductive and versatile duo, that could change the atmosphere in mere seconds, from mean, to teasing, to playful and stern and back again!

After various successful tours we were invited to Miss Abby D’s doggies birthday party. It may have been from one side of the country to the other, or what we Southerner’s know as ‘oop North’, but what’s 215 miles between friends? Zilch! We were there faster than you can say, “How’s your father,” and spent an hilarious weekend in Leeds, in a luxurious Airbnb, that was not too far from the stunning Manipulatrix Abby.

Dolly Darling

Of course, we ensured we had one of our favourite faithful servants Stephanie Lou in tow, who supplied not only servitude, but many comic moments over the weekend. If you ever thought us ladies took our time getting ready, Stephie can certainly give us a run for our money! I’ve never seen anyone work so hard to perfect their contour and eyeliner, but then again she did look dazzling!

Reggie’s party, hosted by Miss Abby was a fantastic affair! It was hosted by beautiful people (on the inside as well as the outside) and was just the break we all needed after the long, dark winter. We were greeted, welcomed and soon felt like we were part of the furniture.  I have not relaxed so much in a very long time and have fond memories of this soiree, even if admittedly, it does get a little hazy towards the end of the evening!

Good things always come to an end and we were soon back at work, so Dolly and I decided that a little excitement was in order. With this in mind, we organised a Reading tour and I would say it’s been our busiest yet! An array of costumes were showcased before the big event as we waded through PVC, latex, Boots, heels, stockings and suspenders and decided what to wear for each session. If there had been a fly on the wall, it’s eyes would have been watering at the sight, and a moth would have been utterly bereft at it’s inability to appreciate such an occasion. We always try on our outfits first and give each other a fashion show. If our heads our turned, we know that our slaves will adore them!

We compared and collated BDSM toys; dildo’s strap-ons, black dicks, big dicks, big black dicks, humblers, pinwheels, blindfolds, restraints and an array of toys that would be the adults equivalent of Charlie and the chocolate factory.

We love to lull our slaves into a false sense of security, lull, tease, play…then when they fall DEEP into the zone, under our spell and into the trance known as sub space, that’s when our trickery begins and our magic takes place. We don’t rush in like bulls in a china shop, we take our time, we wait until the moment when their air lifts, the slaves is breathing heavily, his eyes glazed over in lusty wonder…. That’s when we glance at each other, those wicked smiles playing around our lips and the devil dances with us. This is when we know we can push a slaves limits, when we can take them to ecstasy and beyond, across to the dark side and back to sweet oblivion.


Dolly darling Kaz B

We have fallen in tune with one another, a sweet synergy, a beautiful melody that allows us to play you like the lithe fingers of a violin player, strumming the sweetest harmony your ears could hear…but unlike the beauty of music, our magic is not limited to sound, it is the vision before you, it is the words whispered softly in your ear, menacing, yet so enticing! It is the sensation of not only fingers brushing against your skin, but a thousand butterfly wings fluttering through every nerve ending of your body, until it touches the very core of your soul and you are lifted into a place far away, floating on a cloud of euphoria. You will be capable of things you never imagined with the right encouragement. You will be nodding along to every hushed whisper, even though you are no longer sure what it means. You feel nervous, yet it feels so right, you just know that your Goddesses know what is best for you and that this is the journey you are supposed to be on, right here, right now.

Dolly Darling Kaz B

For you, the slave, perhaps it is a rollercoaster ride, it may feel short, sweet but wonderfully intense. For us, it is our vision and for us, a two day tour is a longer journey, learning so much more about you all, learning how we can make your adventure a dizzy, fast paced journey into the unknown. Perhaps that’s why us dommes mesh so quickly if we like one another, we spend an intense period of time in one anothers company, which isn’t repeatable unless you are able to understand the harmonics like Dolly and I do and fall in tune quickly. We have learned to know one another, a simple glance, a flick of the hand, we know, we understand, meaning goes deep beyond words….

Each and every single session we undertook was different. I believe we began with tie and tease style scenario’s which descended into ‘encouraged intox with poppers.’ From here, strap on play became a popular theme and then a moment of hilarity! I whipped out some tinsel and a UV wand, encouraging Dolly to play as I had a feeling she would be in her element. I had as much pleasure watching her laugh hysterically as I did the first time I did this to a slave myself. Of course, it goes without saying that the slave was a very willing volunteer who has become a good friend, and we had an amazing session pushing our slaves limits. I think another highlight of the tour was a slave who came for his 22nd birthday celebration. Dolly’s game of ‘Hump and pop the balloons to find the hidden star’ was inspired and something that would rival any of the ‘I’m a Celebrities’ trails!” I’m happy to say that the space time continuum ceased to exist for this session and we were at flow, laughing, teasing, enjoying, exploring.  Slave *Benji is the kind of sub you can easily domme for hours and not grow tired. He excelled at every task, amused us and worshipped our feet with an ever eager tongue. The final piece de resistance was the blueberry muffin, placed elegantly on a plate under his crotch, whilst Miss Dolly penetrated him with a strapon and I teased his vitals with a Doxy. Needless to soon the muffin was soon ‘iced’ in Miss Dolly’s words and ready to be enjoyed by the birthday boy! The tour ended on a real high and I’m happy to say, we will be ready for more eager slaves soon!

Our next tour will be from the 22nd April in London (after my shoot with Devon Breeze) for a couple of days. If you are interested in signing up as one of our dedicated servants during our London tour then please register your interest early, so we can be sure what to bring the essential toys and of course ensure that we manage to fit you in.

I am ready to sink into a hot bath of epsom salts and pink glittery unicorn dust, with a final glass of sparkling fizz, before my face caresses the pillow. Have sweet dreams of us, and perhaps see you next month in London with the fabulous Darling Dolly!


Love and Lashes – Mistress Kaz X