Top 5 Kindest Things Subs have done for me

Good evening, my kinktastic lovelies. I hope this autumn is treating you well.

I wanted to let you know about a brand new podcast I have set up with Podopheleous on Rumble. The podcast aims to educate on all matters of kink and BDSM and some of the topics we have created videos on so far include; mental health, what happens when you break up with your domme and my recently published video – the Top 5 Kindest Things Subs have done for me.

Some slaves might visit now and again and others come and go but now and again you find an extra special, platonic connection with a sub and a friendship can form. I have a few subs that have become very special and we have supported one another during difficult times. It was very hard to try and isolate my top five as I really do have a fantastic harem of slaves that have been so kind over the years but I managed to narrow it down to five, finally.


Number 5:

During lockdown, I was struggling to get cat litter. Online deliveries were sparse and as a non-driver, it was difficult trying to lug back a 20-litre bag singlehandedly! Even some serious bench pressing wouldn’t have helped with hiking back from Tesco’s with the equivalent of a sack of coal on my back!

One of my subs started to kindly fetch it for me from the big supermarket and leave it on my doorstep for me, ensuring my kitties had a clean loo at all times. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make such a big difference to your week.


Number 4:

When I moved into my new apartment I had to transfer my equipment, clothes and shoes which was no mean feat. One of my boys hired a van, helped me cart everything across and built my build for me. Once the task was complete, we enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine and I treated him to a Thai takeaway as a thank you. He needed the energy as he was up building the bed till about 1 a.m., sweating like a priest in a brothel as he hammered away at the nails. I kept him company by sitting on the window ledge and sipping red wine!

Another sub put my clothes rail together and other bits a few days later and soon I was all settled in my new pad!


Number 3:

I was travelling in London when I encountered some problems with my accommodation, leaving me in a pickle. One of my subs dropped everything, booked and apartment and entertained me for the evening. We ended up having a jolly around Kensington and popped into a couple of pubs which cheered me up no end.

Number 2

I was on a working holiday in Croatia with a sub, when my hand-reared cat of 15 years passed away unexpectedly. I was absolutely heartbroken and in pieces, especially as I had to give the ok over the phone to the vet to do the right thing.

The sub told me that if I just needed to stay in my room and take time for myself that was fine. That there was no pressure and he understood I was devastated.  Obviously, I didn’t do this as it was better for me to keep busy and keep myself distracted, plus it seemed unfair to leave the sub on his own when he’d brought me over. Subby did everything in his power to cheer me up and make me laugh that week and despite the awfully sad circumstances, he made a difficult time a lot better and managed to make me smile.

Number 1:

A couple of weeks later another one of my close subs took me to collect my cat’s ashes (Tabstick)  and as much as I tried to hold it together, I broke down. He just gave me a bit of a cuddle and said he understood and that meant so much to me.

Financial gifts are always nice and appreciated but there are some other gifts that are very precious. These are the gifts of time, wisdom, and kindness. If someone goes out of their way to give you these things, then you know they really care about you and you should keep those people close and look after them.

These sorts of D/S relationships aren’t built in a day or a session, they take time to build mutual understanding and trust and you must share some of the same values or humour or a common ingredient. There is a reason that I am closer to certain subs and one is that we share certain traits or beliefs and another reason is that the trust has built over time. One minute I may be running around in jeans, the next moment we are embroiled in a kinky session! Some of these subs may have seen me with my hair askew or having an off day but what we have built runs deeper than superficial roleplay.

I’m grateful to have some lovely subs. If you ever have the chance to build up a friendship with a Mistress it’s important to remember not to abuse the privilege and most imperatively it cannot be rushed.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 5, you can see the video and Pod’s top 5 on our Rumble channel.

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We’d love to hear what are yout top 5 kindest things people have done for you, so let us know in the comments.

Love and lashes

Miss Kaz B