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Dreaming In The Dark


My latest novel Dreaming in the Dark, by Kaz B. Available Now on Amazon Kindle.

Buy My Books - Kaz BThe prequel to Sordid Secrets. Athena’s bad decisions cause her world to crumble around her.  As she struggles with addiction, she faces heartbreak and financial ruin. Now she must face her demons from the past!’

Dreaming In the Dark is available for an introductory price of £2.99 on Amazon, Kindle to celebrate the book launch!

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Sordid Secrets

Lies, lust and betrayal. Amy’s reckless behaviour leads her down a dark path, but sometimes a little of what is bad for you can be good for you.

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The Promise


A short story paranormal story.

Tormented by night terrors, Clara’s sanity is starting to fracture. Her only hope to maintain her grip on reality is to reach out to a hypnotherapist. It seems the past is coming back to haunt her. To overcome her greatest fears, she must face them head on.







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“Mistress Kaz debut book is an emotional roller coaster packed with excitement” London Book Review.

“What a book –  steamy from start to finish” The Daily Sport