You will Obey Me

You will Obey Me

Your mind is week.. You cannot resist!

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Booking Line: 07572 273 296

Opening Hours:

Monday –  1pm-10pm

Tuesday –  1pm-10pm

Wednesday –  1pm-10pm

Thursday –  1pm-10pm

Friday –  1pm-10pm

Saturday –  1pm-7pm

Sunday  – CLOSED

Dear Sub & Fetishists,

Welcome to my dark lair of twisted fantasy. Where all courteous and obedient Subs are welcome. Come and attend a session at The Sluttery in Reading and serve me whilst I introduce you to all manner of fetish and kinks.

Berkshire Mistress Reading

I am a professional Mistress based in READING, BERKSHIRE. I work in a domestic setting in a clean, modern and very discrete apartment.

I am located on outskirts of the town centre and about 7 minutes from Reading station. (30 minutes from London Paddington on the train).

You may have seen me on various channels such as Babestation and TVX, in mainstream films such as Zombie Driftwood or on many fetish sites such as Ballbusting Universe, Strict Women, Deadly Females and British Bitches.

One to One Femdom Sessions in Reading (on the M4 corridor)

I provide femdom sessions from my luxury Reading apartment and enjoy many types of fetish. I cater to those seeking mild domination through to more hardcore BDSM activities. Each session is tailored to the individual Sub and some of my session activities may include femdom delights such as Sissification (feminisation) Slave Training, Trampling, Foot Worship, Strap-On Play, Bondage, Tie & Teases, Spanking, Caning, Sub Games and more besides. I have a whole myriad of dark delights to tease, torment and entertain you with. And of course entertain myself whilst I derive pleasure from making you my plaything to dress, degrade or tease.

Mistress Services in Berkshire

Mistress Kaz Dominates A SlavePerhaps you seek a strict Mistress in Reading, Berkshire to discipline your unruly behaviour, a teasing temptress to bind and tease you, or even a willing ear to listen and educate you in the arts of femdom. Whatever you seek, whether it be dipping your toe in the water as a novice and enjoying a femdom taster, or whether you are an experienced Slave, I can cater to your desires and wholeheartedly enjoy transforming you whether you be a sissy, a pain slut or all round deviant!

Share with me your secrets, your desires. I am a very discrete professional and have 8 years experience as a dominatrix. My private apartment is also very discrete and you can practise out your fetish or fantasies in a safe, relaxed environment. Your Reading Mistress is waiting for you.

I have wardrobes full of fetish wear and pops and implements of pain and pleasure as well as my twisted imagination,  so I have plenty of inspiration to make your session an enjoyable one. If you are new to this take the plunge and experience something you have never experienced before. Put me on your bucket list – a visit to Princess Kaz’s Lair and transform into the Sub you have always dreamed of being!

I DO NOT DO – Scat, Needles, Girlfriend Experience or Kissing so please do not ask for these. I do NOT do findom  – if you genuinely wish to spoil me then you can send me something from my wish list here:

I’m not looking for an domestic slaves.

Reading Mistress – Princess Kaz X

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Text me: +447572273296

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Why All Businesses Need Red Roxy Studios

Every morning as the golden Andalusian sun rises, Greg rises, pours himself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and sits on his sunny balcony in glorious Marbella. He opens his laptop and sets to work, turning explicit pornographic images into beautiful works of art that are dazzling to the eye. This is a day […]

The Sissy Manor – Where Dreams Are Made!

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to The Sissy Manor, one of the UK’s most prestigious secret location events. The Sissy Manor is an exquisite retreat in the South East of England that caters to those who secretly relish dressing up in beautiful feminine garments and being dominated by powerful woman. At the […]

Trailer: Jim’s Humiliation!

Many of my one to one femdom sessions include an element of role play and this can vary from playing the bitchy school girl, an angry ex wife or even a vengeful female boss, hellbent on humiliating her employee! This trailer is from a live session with Jim and incorporates elements of role play, verbal […]

Agony: Blow Up Doll Blows My Mind

Dear Kaz,  After breaking up with my girlfriend several years back I bought a blow-up doll on the spur of the moment. I felt it might help with some of my sexual cravings and it did. I found I could experiment with more kinkier sex without the embarrassing problem of explaining my kinks and curiosities […]

My Kinky New Line Of Clothing & Toys

Good evening Slaves, Subs and sluts! I trust you have all had a fantastically kinky week. If not, why not! If your week has been somewhat lame and you are looking for an excuse to kink up your life, then you might want to check out my new range of products. I’ve just opened a […]

UK Talk Radio Interview

I recently did an interview on UK Talk Radio with presenter Jonathon Hines to discuss my forthcoming erotic romance novella Sordid Secrets. If you missed my live interview on UK Talk Radio you can check out the audio below! Keep up to today with news and publication date here:

Adult Baby Blues

Dear Kaz,   About a year ago I went on a stag party with some mates and as a laugh we all dressed as adult babies and wore nappies and carried teddy bears and dummies. I think it must have triggered something inside me as I haven’t been able to stop doing it since.  I […]

Kinky Femdom Montage

What’s Your Kink? This video montage showcases some of my past sessions and some of the training a slave may undergo when attending Mistress Kaz’s Sluttery for deviant slaves. Most sessions are on a one to one basis although my most obedient, loyal and well deserving slaves may be considered for group shoot days which […]

Mainstream Media, My Book & New Year

Evening Slaves & Deviants, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the festive celebrations.   It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Mistress Kaz and quite the media frenzy with the story of my alternative Christmas spent with my elf slaves appearing in many publications, from glossy Woman’s […]

The Thrill Of The Dungeon!

Sessioning in a dungeon has a slightly different feel to it than a domestic setting.  For one, there is all that wonderful shiny BDSM equipment that is crying out to be used! It longs to hold and hug a submissive close as the leather straps fasten tightly around the pale flesh of ankles, wrists and […]

Fetish Tips – Dominating The Missus

If you are normally submissive, you may struggle with dominating your significant other. Here are a few tips for beginners, inspired by a reader who wrote into my column at the Daily Sport. Dear Kaz,  My girlfriend and I are new to the fetish scene and have discovered we quite enjoy spanking with my girlfriend […]

Kaz’s Kinky Christmas Alphabet!

It’s that time of year when all the shops and businesses blast out Christmas songs for an entire month to drive you slowly mad. I’ve re-written…I mean butchered…a classic Christmas song so that when you are shopping with the missus, you can smile to yourself and sing my kinky version in your head!   C […]

Advice on Love Addiction And Fetish

Hello everyone, I write a weekly column for the Daily Sport and help readers with all kinds of personal problems from love and relationships through to fetish and sex. If you would like to send in your problem, your private details such as your e-mail address will never be shared. You can e-mail me anonymously […]

November Domme Days Reading

It may be cold outside but it’s hot, hot hot at The Sluttery where things are certainly heating up for the month of November! Thursday 16th November at The Sluttery will feature Strict Blonde Bombshells! My naughty, busty friend Dakota and I make a dynamite combination when we team up to dominate slaves and you’ll […]

Advice: Gay Christians To Knicker Sniffing

Dear Kaz, I am an 18 year old gay guy and I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. Sometimes he stays over at my house but my heavily religious Christian parents think he is just a mate…well until recently anyway! My Dad walked into my bedroom with coffee one morning after my boyfriend stayed […]

Advice: Objectum Sexuality & Revenge Porn Law

The Daily Sport’s resident Agony Aunt Kaz B answers your problems and requests for advice. To get advice anonymously on a personal matter e-mail Dear Kaz, I’m a 32-year-old guy with a good job and would consider myself fairy successful. The problem is my mother keeps asking me when I’m going to settle down […]

Overnight Dom Sessions At The Fetish Studio

I get a lot of requests for overnight dom bookings but am unable to use my venue for this. However now I am able to offer an overnight session at The Fetish Studio in Reading. Overnight bookings begin at 8pm and end at 8am the next day. The evening could include going out to dine […]

Fetish Models & Celebs At The UK Glamour Awards

It’s not very often you get to meet an entire troupe of Fetish models and Mistresses in one place, but if you are planning on attending the UK Glamour Awards on 14th September in London, that is exactly what will happen. One of the categories in the awards is ‘Best Fetish Star’ and there is a […]

Read My Weekly Daily Sport Column

If you are single and have submissive tendencies or a fetish it is often hard to find someone to confide in or share your concerns. I have been in the fetish industry for over ten years now and this year become a columnist and agony aunt for the Daily Sport. Each week, readers send in their […]

Are We In The Golden Age For Kink?

Reading is a buzzing town of locals and commuters going about their business, scurrying to their day jobs, collecting the groceries and walking the dog.   Surrounded by rolling fields and countryside, no one would ever suspect that Reading hid such a multitude of kinky goings on! However, that office worker you see straightening his […]

Adolf Hitler’s Dirtiest Desires

This isn’t exactly the latest news, but quite remarkable so I thought I would write a blog about it. The name Adolf Hitler doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of rainbows and sunshine but his name has become muckier than ever according to 2016 reports.  It is claimed that Hitler forced his own niece Geli Raubal into […]

Awards Season Is Here – Raise Your Profile!

It’s an extremely exciting time of year in the run up to all the different award ceremonies that are taking place in the autumn.  There is the Paul Raymond Awards and UK Adult Producers (UKAP) Awards that pay tribute to the finest adult performers in the industry, and of course The UK Glamour Awards which […]

Mistress Kaz B Joins #TeamDailySport

It is an absolute honour to be joining the ranks of The Daily Sport as a columnist. Writing is a real passion of mine and having been in the modelling, entertainment and fetish industry for over 10 years, it is a real pleasure to be able to share my years of experience and knowledge with their […]

Reading Slave Is Humbled

Relocating to Reading has been everything I hoped it would be and the slaves are probably even kinkier than ever! I’ve enjoyed some wonderful sessions with submissive slaves since I moved here, but one that particularly stands out is a session I did with Slave Nancy. Nancy is a big fan who is always sending me […]

Relocating To Reading, Berkshire

Good byes are always sad and I am going to miss my Watford slaves, but all good things must come to an end and I will be relocating to Reading, Berkshire next month. My last working day in Watford will be Thursday 8th June. After this date, I will still be available for femdom sessions […]

The Best Webcam Show Ever

I blogged some time ago about ‘Cocktail Slut’ one of my slaves who’s fetish is based around his palette as he likes to ingest all kinds of vile food ingredients to please me. This slave never fails to entertain me. He is very articulate, educated and funny without meaning to be or even realising it. Last […]

Timewaster Alert Watford

This is a heads up for dommes in the Hertfordshire area. The client uses a fake twitter profile, turns up with no cash and tries to plea bargain. No matter how enticing the deal may seem to you, please don’t be deceived. Take my years of experience onboard and save yourself the headache.  So, this […]

Double Domination In Watford

Please note: I have now relocated to Reading, Berkshire.    For those of you who have been asking me about forthcoming duo’s and double domination days I have some great news for you! I have a few events lined up with other Mistresses over the next month. The first kicks off with Judgement Day on […]

Thou Shalt Obey Your Mistress

Sit and Obey – Obedience Training For The Feral Male. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I’ll encounter a sub who does not quite grasp the natural pecking order during session time. I suppose not every sub has an IQ big enough to fathom simple logistics and rules, but it is easy to teach them […]

Deadly Assassin Gets Pussy Whipped!

This is a role play scenario I enjoyed with one of my regulars recently…   My hitman Addy reported to me at 2pm and delivered news which was devastating and sent me into a furious rage. He had been appointed to take out a target from a rival group and had failed the mission. He arrived […]

Levels Of Domination

I always say that communication is key to any good relationship whether professional, friendly or romantic. This is especially true for D/S power exchange relationships. There are many different levels of domination and I am always certain to ask my slaves what level of a certain act or fetish they are looking for. This is […]

Women Rule And Men Drool!

I have some great regular slaves. They are generous, obedient, well mannered and know to to converse well with a Mistress. On the flip side – this month my phone has been even more inundated with utter fuck wits claiming to be subs and I thought I’d share some of this with you  – my […]

Have you experienced sub drop?

I was having a conversation with my slave the other day and saying that it was great to see how comfortable he is with his fetishes. I explained how I had a few subs that sometimes felt shame afterwards and would need reassurance or would sometimes appear to get depressed and disappear before returning to me full […]

Shoots & Double Domination With Roxi Keogh

Dear Slaves, Sluts and Deviants, I am delighted to announce that I will be teaming up with the stunning Roxi Keogh on 15th April for a day of fetish filming and duo sessions with subs. Roxi discovered her love for domination after a sub requested a foot worship session and she has become increasingly more […]

Strap On Video For First Timers

Many subs and fetishists are very intrigued about anal play and the strap on, but first timers tend to approach me with similar concerns and questions. They query things such as “Will it be painful?” Will you go gently with me?” “Will you use lube?” The key to great strap-on sex is plenty of lube […]

Converted To Chastity By Mistress Kaz

King Snake is a submissive chap and an avid fetish fan, but he had never before entered Chastity until we began liaising. When he heard about my 7 day chastity challenge he decided to bite the bullet and lock up his cock 24/7 and report back to me daily. Sleepless nights and overwhelming and bizarre […]

Stan’s 7 Day Chastity Challenge

The 7 Day Chastity Challenge! Want to be part of this? Get in touch! You must be prepared to enter into chastity non-stop for one week and keep a diary for me! Stan Stan is a 36 year old delivery driver. Despite being happily married he craves the feeling of being submissive and has bisexual urges […]

Slave Takes Mouth Wash Enema Punishment

One of my regular pets Slave Harris first visited me for a whipping session. It transpired that he is quite the masochist and has found over time that there is nothing he enjoys more than being subjected to copious amounts of pain.  Harris isn’t one who gets off on humiliation and he doesn’t enjoy being […]

Make Up Guide For Sissies

I often get sent photo’s from Sissies who have done their own make up and it’s obvious that some of them need a little help. After all most sissies want to look feminine and not like Krusty the clowns little sister. I am putting together this basic Make Up Guide For Sissies to help all […]

How To Douche For Your Mistress

Douching is always good practise if you intend to partake in any form of anal play. It avoids embarrassing moments and if you are well douched it will ensure that your Mistress doesn’t run from the room screaming should you leak something less than enticing from your rear end. I have had various experiences with […]

Fetish Model Lolani Talks BDSM

Lolani SBS is a 37 year old fetish model from the West Midlands who has a passion for BDSM and is strongly opposed to censorship within the media. This venturesome young lady began modelling at the sweet age 0f 18 when she entered a competition in the Sports newspaper and won. She was then headhunted […]

The Truth About Lifestyle Slaves

With so much fetish and BDSM on the internet there are more and more Vanilla’s (BDSM Virgins) dipping their toes into the world of fetish and experimenting with things they had never before considered. You may also be surprised to learn there is also an increasing number of submissive males who are living the BDSM lifestyle around the […]

Slut Training With CrossDresser Jessica Dee

I have many sissy followers on Twitter and I keep on eye on those who strike me as particularly slutty. I had been talking to Jessica Dee on webcam for a while and it seemed we have many common interests, so a kinky day of filming seemed very appealing. I am extremely selective about whom I […]