Unleash Your Inner Slut!

Unleash Your Inner Slut!

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As Seen In The Daily Sport!

As Seen In The Daily Sport!

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You will Obey Me

You will Obey Me

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Are you seeking a Mistress In Reading, Berkshire? Then read on!

Dear Sub & Fetishists, Welcome to my dark lair of twisted fantasy, where all courteous and obedient Subs are welcome. Come and attend a session at ‘The Sultry in Reading and serve me, whilst I introduce you to all manner of fetish and kinks.

Opening Hours:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1pm-10pm 1pm-10pm 1pm-10pm 1pm-10pm 1pm-10pm 1pm-7pm CLOSED

Make A Booking By Text:

07572 273 296 Twitter

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Reading, Berkshire Mistress

To make a booking please text your likes/limits and preferred day and time. I will then be able to arrange a callback to discuss.

I am a professional Mistress. My domestic setting is a clean, modern and very discrete apartment.

I am located on outskirts of the town centre and about 7 minutes from Reading station. (30 minutes from London Paddington on the train).

You may have seen me on various channels such as Babestation and TVX, in mainstream films such as Zombie Driftwood or on many fetish sites such as Ballbusting Universe, Strict Women, Deadly Females and British Bitches.

One to One Femdom Sessions in Reading (on the M4 corridor)

I provide femdom sessions from my luxury Reading apartment and enjoy many types of fetish. I cater to those seeking mild domination through to more hardcore BDSM activities. Each session is tailored to the individual Sub.

Some of my session activities may include femdom delights such as; Feminisation, Slave Training, Trampling, Foot Worship, Strap-On Play, Bondage, Tie & Teases, Spanking, Caning, Sub Games and more besides.

I have a whole myriad of dark delights to tease, torment and entertain you with and I derive great pleasure from making you my plaything to dress, degrade or tease.

Mistress Services in Berkshire


Mistress Kaz Dominates A Slave

Perhaps you seek a strict Mistress in Reading, Berkshire to discipline your unruly behaviour. Do you seek a teasing temptress to bind and tease you, or even a willing ear to listen and educate you in the arts of femdom? You may wish to dip your toes in the water as a novice and enjoy a femdom taster. Or if you are an experienced Slave, I can cater to your desires and wholeheartedly enjoy transforming you, whether you long to be a sissy, a pain slut or all round deviant!

Share with me your secrets and desires. I am a very discrete professional and have 8 years experience as a dominatrix. My private apartment is also very discrete and you can practise out your fetish or fantasies in a safe, relaxed environment. Your Reading, Berkshire Mistress is waiting for you.

I have wardrobes full of fetish wear and props and implements of pain and pleasure.  My imagination is extremely vivid and I can conjure up many ways to make your session an enjoyable one.

If you are new to this, take the plunge and experience something you have never experienced before! Put me on your bucket list.  Pay a visit to Princess Kaz’s Lair and transform into the Sub you have always dreamed of being!

You can see my full list of Domination services here: http://uk-fetish.co.uk/femdomservices/

I DO NOT DO – Scat, Needles, Girlfriend Experience or Kissing so please do not ask for these. I do NOT do findom  – if you genuinely wish to spoil me then you can send me something from my wish list here: tiny.cc/kazbwishlist


Mistress’s Sexy Little Sub Slut

From time to time I join forces with other like-minded female dominants, to push a little at my slaves’ limits, test their capabilities, and just because I enjoy it quite a lot actually! It’s quite rare though for me to team up with female subs, as they are rather more hard to find. A few […]

North London Femdom Tour 17th & 18th September

Private Femdom Sessions, Filming, or Skype Sessions. Join us on our North London Femdom Tour! I’m back on the road as part of a kinky duo this September, and will be teaming up with Mistress Saskia for kinky one to one domination sessions, and filming. We’ll be residing at the beautiful Hoxton Dungeon Rooms in […]

How To Not Offend Your Domme

Acquiring a new, compatible domme can be a minefield for submissive gentlemen. The first part of the process is relatively simple, narrowing your search down to whoever seems to fit what you are seeking and finding out if you ‘click.’  You may then enjoy a wonderful session from your perspective, only to find she doesn’t want […]

Sissy Party 7th May Reading

Sissy Party Tuesday 7th May   Have you always dreamed of attending a sissy party, with strict, yet playful Mistresses to guide you? I have exciting news for all sissies in training and eager would-be sissy sluts! Mistress Petite and I are organising a sissy slut party in RG30, Reading on Tuesday 7th May. We welcome you […]

Dungeon Duo 25th Feb E17

You step into the dungeon, your throat dry and a swirl of butterflies dancing around inside your tummy. Soft, floaty drapes of crimson hang from the walls and low amber lights create a heady glow. The dungeon is dimly light and eerie, yet strangely exciting, and there is something familiar and comfortable about it. You take […]

Join our special event

  This Wednesday the 30th January I have an exciting filming day planned at the Fetish Studio, with gorgeous domme and Game Of Thrones Legend Sahara Knight. We will also be joined by the Babe channel’s Tasty Talula, who will be our sexy sub for the morning session, and later will be domming slaves with us. It’s […]

The Lost Chastity Key

The classic worry of a chastity slave losing his or her key is common, but what happens when this becomes real and the key is nowhere to be found? Well, my sissy Steph and I found out exactly what happens when we session on Saturday night! Let me tell you the build up to this […]

How Filmed Sessions and Events Work

        As some of you may know, I often offer slaves the opportunity of having our one to one session filmed. The agreement is that they are permitted a mask or disguise, so I can use the footage on my clip sites such as IWantClips or Clips4sale, and they get to have […]

Interview With The Maid: Crossdressing Servant

Ever wondered what would happen if you could interview your favourite book characters? Today, in a conversation with myself, I interviewed Lady Athena’s loyal manservant Maid, from Dreaming in the Dark. He is an extinguished fellow, humble yet charming, and quietly brilliant. I would like to present you – the incredible gentleman – Maid!   […]

Dreaming in the Dark Available Now!

Dreaming In The Dark   Dreaming in the dark is my third book and the second book in the Lady Athena series. If you enjoyed Sordid Secrets and was left wanting more, Dreaming in the Dark is the background story that reveals Athena’s inner struggles, desperate plight and her rise to success.  Of course, you can […]

Sex Machine Challenge Powered by Bondara

Watch the demo video here: Sex Machine Challenge Powered by Bondara   I’m filming a crazy new series for my clip stores and this is your big chance to take part! The Sex Machine Challenge Powered by Bondara, is not for the faint-hearted! Are you someone who enjoys a challenge? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to appear […]

Latest Erotic Novel News & Interviews

Erotic Novel Dreaming In The Dark By Kaz B Soon To Be Released Do you enjoy the guilty pleasure of losing yourself in an erotic novel? Read on! Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week. Why  not come and drop me a line on www.twitter.com/kazbxx and let me know how you are […]

Rise Of The Sex Toys – Hasta La Vista Baby!

Sex Toy Trends Sex toy trends are forever evolving.  Since the dawn of the Rampant Rabbit in the mid 90’s, sex toy manufacturers have been looking for the next big thing. Trawling social media sites and spending a small fortune on research has been an effective method of finding out exactly what the public want! […]

Masturbation – The Bliss Code

Masturbation Is Self Love It’s funny how across the world, masturbation is feared in many parts. It is often seen as forbidden, as a sin. In some parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, female circumcision is even still practised – the act of cutting off a women’s clitoris and sewing her up, so […]

Butt Flossing And The Curious Habits Of Gentlemen

Skins of Steel Have you ever noticed how differently men and women dry themselves when stepping out of the shower? My slaves sometimes have a shower at the end of a session, usually if watersports or strap on play has been involved. During the procedure, I often observe their amusing mannerisms. Firstly, the fellas seem […]

The Importance Of Bum Towels!

Fetish Play & Hygiene: The salt n pepper standard for any kinky play! As you, the reader glances at this blog, you might be quite mystified at the notion of bum towels. Well, please allow me to explain. Many of my slaves who frequent my premises enjoy a jolly good rogering with my strap on! […]

Ball Breaking Bitches!

Some of you reading this blog may have a secret ball busting fantasy. In fact, some of you have probably tried it and even enjoyed it! However, extreme ballbusting is usually reserved for the true ball busting fanatics! Lawyer and Italian You tuber Andrea Dipre´fits perfectly into that category and is known in the ball […]

Femdom Duos Thursday 14th June!!

Are you seeking Femdom Duos In Reading? Read on to book your Reading, Femdom Duos! All you naughty deviants who have been asking me about double domme sessions – the day is almost upon us! My duo partner Amber West has travelled all the way down from the highlands of Scotland, to take part in […]

An Extract From My Novel Sordid Secrets…..

Sordid Secrets A Novel By Mistress Kaz An Erotic Romance Novel….  Chapter 1: Amy I stood in front of the grey building taking in my surroundings, a blend of nerves and excitement. I pulled out my pocket mirror, a pretty and ornate silver compact Hugh had bought me. I glanced at my reflection and felt a […]

Porn Pioneer Terry Stephens Talks Adult

He’s the man at the helm of the UK Adult Producers initiative, steering the adult business towards greater awareness and success. He has accomplished a great deal of positive change for the industry in the 20+ years he has been active, and has used his vast knowledge to educate, guide and inspire those around him. […]

Erotic Romance Novel Sordid Secrets Now on Amazon

Sordid Secrets – Romantic and Erotic Novel To all of you who have been waiting, my erotic novel Sordid Secrets is now available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle.  It’s been an amazing journey writing this book and I have learned a lot along the way. Sordid Secrets is partly the love child of my […]

Our Kinky Berkshire Duo Is Hot, Hot Hot!

  Feel The Heat With A Kinky Duo! It’s ice cold outside and you are most likely feeling the pent up frustration of being stuck inside whilst Britain has faced the wrath of the Beast from the East, with blankets of snow coating half the country! If cabin fever is threatening to send you loopy, […]

Why It’s OK To Wear Fetish Clothing In Public

Fetish Clothing  Has Never Been So Popular! Until recently it was only the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and similar suitably rich and eccentric celebrities that wore fetish clothing in public. Latex, PVC, chains and spikes were saved for secrets nights out at some of London’s most kinkiest fetish clubs. If like me, you avoid […]

Rise Of The #Sexennials Sexual Freedom

Sexual freedom is no longer a distant dream for many women who refuse to be silenced, slut shamed and oppressed. They are taking the bull by the horns, demanding liberation and owning it. British women are reclaiming their sexuality and shouting about it from the roof tops. The rise of the female sex blogger is […]

Book Launch 28th February – Sordid Secrets

Just under a year ago Sordid Secrets was a mere twinkle in my eye and after many hours of typing away, editing, editing again and finalising all the little details for the launch, the big day is almost here. The book will be available on Kindle, Amazon Prime and Kobo as well as appearing in […]

Why All Businesses Need Red Roxy Studios

Every morning as the golden Andalusian sun rises, Greg rises, pours himself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and sits on his sunny balcony in glorious Marbella. He opens his laptop and sets to work, turning explicit pornographic images into beautiful works of art that are dazzling to the eye. This is a day […]

The Sissy Manor – Where Dreams Are Made!

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to The Sissy Manor, one of the UK’s most prestigious secret location events. The Sissy Manor is an exquisite retreat in the South East of England that caters to those who secretly relish dressing up in beautiful feminine garments and being dominated by powerful woman. At the […]

Agony: Blow Up Doll Blows My Mind

Dear Kaz,  After breaking up with my girlfriend several years back I bought a blow-up doll on the spur of the moment. I felt it might help with some of my sexual cravings and it did. I found I could experiment with more kinkier sex without the embarrassing problem of explaining my kinks and curiosities […]

My Kinky New Line Of Clothing & Toys

Good evening Slaves, Subs and sluts! I trust you have all had a fantastically kinky week. If not, why not! If your week has been somewhat lame and you are looking for an excuse to kink up your life, then you might want to check out my new range of products. I’ve just opened a […]

UK Talk Radio Interview

I recently did an interview on UK Talk Radio with presenter Jonathon Hines to discuss my forthcoming erotic romance novella Sordid Secrets. If you missed my live interview on UK Talk Radio you can check out the audio below! Keep up to today with news and publication date here: www.twitter.com/mysordidsecrets

Adult Baby Blues

Dear Kaz,   About a year ago I went on a stag party with some mates and as a laugh we all dressed as adult babies and wore nappies and carried teddy bears and dummies. I think it must have triggered something inside me as I haven’t been able to stop doing it since.  I […]

Kinky Femdom Montage

What’s Your Kink? This video montage showcases some of my past sessions and some of the training a slave may undergo when attending Mistress Kaz’s Sluttery for deviant slaves. Most sessions are on a one to one basis although my most obedient, loyal and well deserving slaves may be considered for group shoot days which […]

Mainstream Media, My Book & New Year

Evening Slaves & Deviants, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the festive celebrations.   It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Mistress Kaz and quite the media frenzy with the story of my alternative Christmas spent with my elf slaves appearing in many publications, from glossy Woman’s […]

The Thrill Of The Dungeon!

Sessioning in a dungeon has a slightly different feel to it than a domestic setting.  For one, there is all that wonderful shiny BDSM equipment that is crying out to be used! It longs to hold and hug a submissive close as the leather straps fasten tightly around the pale flesh of ankles, wrists and […]

Fetish Tips – Dominating The Missus

If you are normally submissive, you may struggle with dominating your significant other. Here are a few tips for beginners, inspired by a reader who wrote into my column at the Daily Sport. Dear Kaz,  My girlfriend and I are new to the fetish scene and have discovered we quite enjoy spanking with my girlfriend […]

Kaz’s Kinky Christmas Alphabet!

It’s that time of year when all the shops and businesses blast out Christmas songs for an entire month to drive you slowly mad. I’ve re-written…I mean butchered…a classic Christmas song so that when you are shopping with the missus, you can smile to yourself and sing my kinky version in your head!   C […]

Advice on Love Addiction And Fetish

Hello everyone, I write a weekly column for the Daily Sport and help readers with all kinds of personal problems from love and relationships through to fetish and sex. If you would like to send in your problem, your private details such as your e-mail address will never be shared. You can e-mail me anonymously […]

November Domme Days Reading

It may be cold outside but it’s hot, hot hot at The Sluttery where things are certainly heating up for the month of November! Thursday 16th November at The Sluttery will feature Strict Blonde Bombshells! My naughty, busty friend Dakota and I make a dynamite combination when we team up to dominate slaves and you’ll […]

Advice: Gay Christians To Knicker Sniffing

Dear Kaz, I am an 18 year old gay guy and I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. Sometimes he stays over at my house but my heavily religious Christian parents think he is just a mate…well until recently anyway! My Dad walked into my bedroom with coffee one morning after my boyfriend stayed […]

Advice: Objectum Sexuality & Revenge Porn Law

The Daily Sport’s resident Agony Aunt Kaz B answers your problems and requests for advice. To get advice anonymously on a personal matter e-mail agony@dailysport.co.uk Dear Kaz, I’m a 32-year-old guy with a good job and would consider myself fairy successful. The problem is my mother keeps asking me when I’m going to settle down […]

Overnight Dom Sessions At The Fetish Studio

I get a lot of requests for overnight dom bookings but am unable to use my venue for this. However now I am able to offer an overnight session at The Fetish Studio in Reading. Overnight bookings begin at 8pm and end at 8am the next day. The evening could include going out to dine […]

Fetish Models & Celebs At The UK Glamour Awards

It’s not very often you get to meet an entire troupe of Fetish models and Mistresses in one place, but if you are planning on attending the UK Glamour Awards on 14th September in London, that is exactly what will happen. One of the categories in the awards is ‘Best Fetish Star’ and there is a […]

Read My Weekly Daily Sport Column

If you are single and have submissive tendencies or a fetish it is often hard to find someone to confide in or share your concerns. I have been in the fetish industry for over ten years now and this year become a columnist and agony aunt for the Daily Sport. Each week, readers send in their […]

Are We In The Golden Age For Kink?

Reading is a buzzing town of locals and commuters going about their business, scurrying to their day jobs, collecting the groceries and walking the dog.   Surrounded by rolling fields and countryside, no one would ever suspect that Reading hid such a multitude of kinky goings on! However, that office worker you see straightening his […]

Adolf Hitler’s Dirtiest Desires

This isn’t exactly the latest news, but quite remarkable so I thought I would write a blog about it. The name Adolf Hitler doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of rainbows and sunshine but his name has become muckier than ever according to 2016 reports.  It is claimed that Hitler forced his own niece Geli Raubal into […]