Why SW’s are awesome

Why are those within the realms of adult entertainment called sex workers? The name reduces to their work to sexual or indirectly sexual acts which is a very basic way of looking at the range of all the wonderful things they do. Why not sexpert, kinkspert or Erotic Body, Mind and Soul practitioners? I guess that would be E.B.M.S’s! I’m going to use that abbreviation for the purpose of this blog but feel free to offer alternatives.

So, what are some things that E.B.M.S’s are good at?

1: They are adept at reading body language and listening. Not all clients are confident communicator’s and E.B.M.S’s quickly learn to read subtle cues and changes in intonation and mood. They can often tell what you are thinking without you having to breath a word. They also listen closely to what you say and really hear you.

2: Many are highly empathetic and as well as having a kink menu, they often listen to their clients problems and lend an ear. It’s important to be mindful of trauma dumping however.

3: Many aren’t one trick ponies. They have second jobs or practise some kind of artform or have a skill.

4: They tend to adapt to most situations easily – having experience communicating with a vast range of personalities.

5: Often they are experts in running a self employed business, and many do it all themselves – answering telephone messages and correspondance, running websites, promotions and marketing, modelling, planning and conducting sessions or scenes, acting, directing, editing, co-ordinating tours, collaborating and keeping their social media updated. It certainly isn’t a job for a lazy-bum!

6: E.B.M.S’s often mentor others and this isn’t limited to shop talk. Behind the scenes they may lift up others and make them smile.

7: They strive for success and often face more hardship than others but does this stop them? No, they live to tell the tale and keep working hard!

8: Another thing they can be good at is teaching the kink curious about enjoying play time in a safe way. There are a whole host of blogs and podcasts out there that express how much they want you to play safely in your kinkeducation.

9: The adult areas have always been at the forefront of innovation and pushing technological advancement. Let’s not forget the unsung heroes who are consulted and give invaluable feedback and advice on how to improve a product or service.

10: They may have had the worst week but they still strive to make your day the best one!

They do all of this whilst wearing a pair of heels and a sultry shade of lipstick (except for some of the guys who opt for trainers/brogues or barefeet).

Here’s to all the amazing people in the BDSM and adult industry who are the creators of smiles!

Did I miss any out? Do let me know in the comments.


Finally, here’s a little joke for you. What’s the difference between a blowjob and anal sex? A blowjob makes your day but anal sex makes your hole weak!