It can get a bit repetitive writing about tours so here’s something a little different. Details at the end.


A is for the anal play you’ve never tried before

B is for your naughty bum as I spank you on the floor

C is for the chastity if you’re feeling game

D is for for your Dominant who punishes you, if you are lame

E is for electrics that will really make you squeal

F is for the fetish fun, I like to keep it real

G is for the grin so wide upon your naughty face

H is for how hot your feel as I send you to subspace

I is for the ice I like to rub across your nips

J is for the JOI as I direct your fingertips

K is for kinky Kaz, who sets you crazy tasks

L is for the lashes of my crop upon your reddening arse

M is for the Mistress who you often love to serve

N is for the nipple play that naughty boys deserve

O is for obey me now, do everything I say

P is for my PVC I wear when it is time to play

Q is for the Queen you worship all the time

Luckily R is next as that now makes my poem rhyme!

S is for my sissies I like to teach new tricks

Let’s now skip to W because I like to play with whips!

Y should you visit Kaz, because she is the best

and Z is for your session which will be filled with Zest!


This Thursday pm and Friday  – Swindon centre – don’t miss out! Subs paying deposits get priority

Ascot from 22nd – 25th.

See you later alligator.