Sensual Power Of Blindfolds

Imagine this. You are spread-eagled on the bed, your wrists and ankles restrained to the bedposts, restricting your movement. Your Mistress then places a blindfold upon you, perhaps it’s cool black leather, rubber or even silk. The room fades to black as all visual stimuli melts away.


If you are new to BDSM you might wonder why anyone would want this sense removed, after all, in those early sessions, isn’t it enthralling to watch your play partner of Mistress move around, wielding her instruments with expertise, a mischievous glint in her eye as she teases and subjects you to such exquisite and agonising delights. I know you naughty boys love to perve as well don’t you as you drink in her beautiful latex or PVC attire, your eyes feasting upon the vision before you. In fact sometimes, you are so caught up in what you can see, you often forget about the other senses, your libido gets in the way, and struggle to concentrate. That’s why blindfolds can be such a magnificent accompaniment to a tie and tease or femdom session. 


I’ve persuaded many a submissive to try a blindfold and this can work particularly well for sensation play. With all visual stimuli removed, your other senses will be enhanced and begin to work overtime. I’m not saying you will suddenly become Superman and hear a pin drop a mile away but your senses will become heightened and every touch will tingle three times as much. Another advantage is that you just won’t be able to guess what happens next. Normally, you can see your domme fetching a crop or whip, but with your eyes shrouded with a scarf, you’ll be guessing every time she moves away, relying on your hearing to try and work out what she intends next, allowing the anticipation to build before she returns with a soft feather to stroke you with, a whip to lash down upon your flash or a pinwheel to leave a trail of invigorating prickles across your skin. After all, isn’t life more fun when it’s full of surprises? It certainly would be dull if we knew everything that was to take place! Building suspense will create a more intense session that will leave you guessing and quivering all over.


A sea of blackness swims before you, so you tune into the little sounds. You may hear her heels tapping on the floor, the crinkle of her PVC as it rubs together, or the sounds of her unzipping a bag and reaching for her finest delights. You will not know what implement will be selected first or where it will be administered, and the first contact whether it be a hard strike or a teasing touch, will make you jump and shudder until your body adjusts, and then that’s when the magic begins to happen. Once you stop fighting against it and instead ride the wave and let it wash over you, carrying you into an enthralling trance with every ebb and flow. You will tune into every sensation that rolls through you, your body and mind alert and seeking the next sensation, hungry for more. 


Guessing games are always fun and demonstrate how out of touch with their own body some subs are. When trailing a leather flogger, a crop or a paddle across a slave’s body, I discovered many could not tell what I was using. Sometimes they couldn’t even guess the fabric the item was made from! With training, blindfolds can help you to gain more of an affinity with your body and build awareness as you start to become more in touch with yourself.  For my more attuned slaves, throwing in some random household objects can keep them guessing. I like to keep them on their toes and throw in some challenges! 


Sometimes, less experienced slaves may struggle to let go and fully enter into the power exchange due to nerves and find it a little bit harder to relax. Tying on a blindfold is akin to throwing a teatowel over the cage of a noisy budgie, causing it to quieten down! With the sub, the resistance melts away, the tension in their body dissipates and they begin to relax as they float away into a bubble and all self-consciousness disappears. It’s hard to be self-conscious when you can’t see a single thing in front of you. It takes a lot of trust to allow someone to blindfold you, so by agreeing to this, a sub has already decided he trusts you. Once he’s made that pact with himself and you, he begins to relax and knows that things are best left in his dommes hands.


I’m a huge fan of blindfolds myself and like to insert them into gameplay with promises of it being removed for completing challenges, or for good behaviour. After all, you should be pleasing your domme and should work for your privileges however she wishes you to do so.


If you have yet to play any blindfold or sensory deprivation games, I can fully endorse them. It’s something you have to try at least once, or maybe two or three times to allow yourself to really let go and indulge your other senses.


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