Beat the subbies, do they know it’s Christmas time.

After a game on X/Twitter where I got my kinky followers to come up with a new version of The Twelve Days Of Christmas, I decided to rework this other ballad with a kink element, so that you can hear this version inside your head when it next plays. Should make those long, Christmas dinners slightly more entertaining.

Perhaps we should blog the sub’s 12 Days kink version too!

Anyone here’s a classic, adapted a tad!


It’s Kinkmas time and that’s the time to be afraid

At Kinkmas time, we polish whips and we beat our slaves


And with our whips aplenty and a flogger and a toy

Throw yourselves down by her heels  – at Kinkmas time


But say a prayer, pray for the subby ones (uh-oh)

At Kinkmas time, you’re hard, but when you’re having fun


There’s a domme outside your window

And there’s a touch of dread and fear


Where the only water flowing

Is a stream of Mistress pee

And the Kinkmas bells that ring

On your tiny ding-a-ling


Well tonight thank God it’s you, instead of them

And there will be kink in Wiltshire now this Kinkmas time (yeeaaaah)

You’re bubbling with those lovely butterflies (aaaargh!)

When your penis never grows

And your fluids cannot flow

Locked in chastity forever more

Here’s to you

Raise a smile for everyone

You ain’t gotta feel guilt just selfless

Give a little spank to the subbies

Do they know it’s Kinkmas time at all

Beat your subbies

Beat your subbies

Beat your subbies

Beat your subbies

Let them know it’s Kinkmas time

Beat your subbies

Let them know it’s Kinkmas time