Ultimate Degradation

Degradation  – a beautiful word that conjures up all manner of intriguing notions and ideas, and it’s so open to interpretation. For some, degradation might entail mild name-calling. For others like my Slave Zero (aka Fluffy when he’s sissified), degradation means seeking out the lowest depths a submissive can go to amuse his Mistress.


I met Zero online about ten years ago and our early escapades included me creating a list of unsavoury ingredients, which he would then mix into a vile concoction and drink during a video call for me. Some of the earlier recipes included such delights as; banana, mustard, tuna, and anchovies. In time,  additions were made such as his weewee water, and even his pubic hair. 

As our sessions continued, Zero sought new ways to experience the sweet spike of dopamine and make me roar with laughter! Often, he’d hint not so subtly about being instructed to service other men, and this is what he said:


 “Mistress, you wouldn’t make me suck another man off though, would you? That would be too cruel wouldn’t it? Would you strip me naked and tell me I had to? No, surely not!” 


This was all said with the cheekiest little grin on his face!


Last week he dressed up in a thong and a purple fishnet vest and his tasks and punishments included; clothes pegs on his nipples, brushing his teeth with pee and fellating a large black dildo, while I rated his efforts. Amidst giggles, I felt it only fitting to invite some of my loyal subbies to send me voice notes for him, detailing exactly what they would like to do to him and how he would need to service them. I forwarded the notes, a devilish smile playing on my lips. Zero went from sheer panic to exhilaration in an insanely short time, asking me to describe in detail how I would collude with them to break down his resistance (what resistance?!) and lead him into complete and total debasement. I informed him he was blossoming as a slutty, sissy boy and soon he would know his place in life, to serve me and also a bi-slave male of my choice. In fact, not only would he pleasure them but he would need to beg them for the privilege and say, “Thank you, Sir!” 


“I’d have to call another sub Sir?” he squealed, his eyes as wide as a bunny on the M4.


“Yes, you heard correctly Fluffy. Your sissy side is underdeveloped and this must be rectified”


“But if I have to call another sub Sir, that makes me the lowest of all subs.”


“Exactly that Sissy. That’s your place. Get used to it and quickly!”


The most impish of  grins spread across his face, as he chuckled, “You wouldn’t Mistress?”


“How does it feel to know you will do it for me Zero?” I gazed into the lens with a penetrating stare, knowing full well he would comply.

“It’s so humiliating because I’m not gay or even bi. So being made to submit to other men, including slaves, for my Mistress’s enjoyment feels both hot and extreme. It’s a demonstration of how far I’d go for my Goddess.”


Soon, subby will be partaking in a three-way video call with myself and another sub, so that he can learn to bow down as the lowliest of serfs and experience letting go of any preconceived ideas and submitting fully.

I’m looking forward to allowing Zero the privilege of showing his loyalty, through acts of debauchery and service.

I can’t wait to hear him put on a squeaky little, sissy voice and say, “Please can I have some more cock, Sir?”