What’s an introductory session?

An introductory session is ideal for first-timers or subs and kinksters, who are looking to expand on their current level of training with a new Mistress. 


How is an introductory session different from a standard session?

Often with regular subs, the Mistress may call all the shots or conduct the session in a more authoritarian manner and give punishments for failing to complete a task or receive pain to a satisfactory level. An introduction is more about dipping your toe into practices you deem more extreme in a controlled environment, where there is a two-way discourse, with the slave feeding back his experience and the Mistresses assessing where his sweet spot lays, and what is outside of the sub’s comfort zone. The session may be more conversational or playful and it’s a chance to try some new kinks, without the pressures of living up to Mistress’s standards, like you may have in a regular session.


Introductory sessions are popular with first-timers primarily, who have always had a strong interest in kink but are a bit apprehensive about going into a scenario with all guns blazing. It’s a more relaxed setting and the sub can try various kinks in the time slot to see if it’s something that appeals to them.

In my experience, subs will find out quickly what they do and don’t like and after an initial meeting will feel more confident in increasing their kink list, and level of pain or might even want to try a role play now they have a broader understanding of BDSM.


If I’m completely new to this and have no idea what I like, what can we try?

I’ve heard many a Mistress become infuriated by this question but the truth is, you may not know until you try. I’d suggest you leave it in my hands. An ideal start would be a tie-and-tease session with some light sensation play. If you have any kinks you are aware of, you should mention these and they can be incorporated into a session, for example, you might like, feet, heels, stockings, silk scarves, or being put on a collar and leash for example. This isn’t an exhaustive list but if you have some experience already, you will generally know what you would like to try next. For example, you might like to try electrics or pegging on a follow-up meeting but want to take it slowly as you delve into these new exquisite treats. You will also want to discuss preparation beforehand. Before strap-on play, you will need to use an enema before you arrive at the venue and fast for at least four hours before your session to avoid discomfort and mess. I wrote a useful blog on it here: http://uk-fetish.co.uk/how-to-douche-for-your-mistress/


While not compulsory, it can be handy to shave around your meat and two veg before receiving electro play as the pads adhere to the skin better. Plus you’ll enjoy an enhanced sensation, with no sudden shocks with pads peeling away on a wad of pubes due to transference between he pads!

Every Mistress is different. I have no issue with subs coming to a session with some ideas, as long as they are legal, practical, and within the menu I offer. Silly requests are denied – no I won’t strip you naked and walk you on a lead down the high street shouting, “Stop cocking your leg on pensioners Rufus!”  It can be creative, but not ridiculous or likely to offend others.


Some subs want to spend 20 minutes of their session time chatting about the possible shape of their kink journey, or even some previous experiences, and that is absolutely fine. Other subs may want to get into an introductory session quickly but be able to take breaks or chat throughout the session about how they are finding the experience. No two sessions are alike and this is why introductory sessions are so popular, it’s less formal and more relaxed so you can feel confident to try new ideas, gadgets or gizmo’s that you might not normally. 


Can you tell me an itinerary of an introductory session?

All you need to know is above. Overly structured sessions are dull and I love the element of spontaneity!


Could I do a role play in an introductory session but drop in and out of the role play?

It is possible, but for a better experience, you might want to do the role play as a follow-up if you wish to immerse yourself in it fully.  Having said that, a rehearsal of a role play is always fun, so we could walk through how it would go and snap back and forth between roleplay and chat.

I hope this topic has been helpful and feel free to leave any questions you may have on X or my blog.

Love & lashes

Miss Kaz B