Podopheleus writes – Should Subs Have A Kink CV??

The following article below is written by Podopheleus who explores the idea of a kink CV.

It’s an appealing concept. Let’s face it if every sub supplied a CV of his or her likes, limits, kinks, and desires along with a skillset, experience, and references it would make life much easier for his dominant! (In fact, can we do this for dating too please, I can weed them out in bulk 🙂 Two bad refs and your out!) 

Could a kink CV  be an integral part of a submissives introduction? Or is part of the fun the mystery and not knowing what to expect exactly? Would you consider creating one for prospective Mistresses?

Read on to see what Podopheleus has to say about it and read more about his role in the industry below.


Hello, Beloved Kinksters! 


At the beginning of the year, I was looking for a job. I noticed that most job applications are now online. After a while, I found it excruciating filling out the same forms 1001 times. I didn’t quite understand it, because all the information requested on the online forms could be found on my C.V.

With that said, I came across a few sites where all I had to do was insert my name, number, and email address and upload my C.V. AND THAT my kinky friends, is how I got a job! The whole experience sparked an idea in my mind. Here is a suggestion: rather than submissives filling out a submission form – they upload their ‘Submissive C.V.’ The only additional information they’ll need to submit is when they’re available to session. The question is, what does a ‘Submissive C.V.’ look like? Below is what my ‘Submissive C.V.’ might look like. 


Submissive C.V.


Email: podopheleus@gmail.com



Profile and Experiences 

I am a well-versed submissive. I have been visiting pro-dommes from April 2019 to the present. I am 38 years old with a pleasing personality. I find great pleasure in pleasing others, and being subservient.  I take a certain theatrical pride in writing scripted scenarios, I also enjoy reading, rhyming, exercising, and listening to music. 

The activities I mostly enjoy are roleplay, smelly/sweaty foot worship, foot gagging, merciless/non-consensual play, strap-on, sensory deprivation, face slapping, spitting, and watersports.

My hard limits are as follows; scat play, harsh pain play, small penis humiliation, and race play. 


Good Deeds

  • In 2020 during the first lockdown, it was a hard time for many sex workers, I paid a small tribute to one of the pro-dommes for 3 months straight.
  • In February 2022, Mistress Adreena had COVID, she hadn’t been into the studio for 4 days, there was a party over the weekend and she had a booking the following day, evidently, Mistress Adreena couldn’t go in and clean because she might leave germs.

Mistress Adreena was concerned the studio might be a bit scruffy. And she’d hate to send someone into a messy space. So I went there the following morning with Mistress Adreena’s consent, of course! And cleaned the studio, Mistress Adreena was incredibly grateful.

  • On the 1st April 2022, I was Jane Grey’s foot sub at ‘Scene’. I arrived at ‘Scene’ 2 hours before the party, and helped organise the event before guests arrived. Jane Grey was extremely grateful.


Additional information

I am a men’s mental health supporter, and an Advocate For Change in relation to normalisation and liberation around the topic of kink, fetishes, and sex work. Additionally, I’m a blogger, soon to be an author, and I Interview those who are a part of the kink community. You can also visit my website at: www.podopheleus.com



Mistress Adreena

Mistress Sakura Strike

Jane Grey

Mistress Aria 

Goddess Cleo

The FoXtress

Kaz B 


There we have it, Kinky Ones! 

So what are your thoughts on my ‘Submissive C.V.’? Would it work for pro-dommes? Or maybe it’s just a dumb idea altogether. Either way, I had great fun writing my ‘Submissive C.V.‘ And you never know, it could become the “in” thing in the future.

A Big Shout-Out to Kaz B! I thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write this piece for your awesome site. 

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤