Guest bloggers

A deeper understanding – Manlock on Sex workers

This week’s very special guest is Manlock, a writer, submissive, and a keen contributor to the BDSM community. In the following article, Manlock writes that there is more to sex workers than meets the eye, and he debates the varied skillsets and people skills that sex workers must perfect to run a variable, ever-evolving business. […]

EyemBlackSheep Talks Intimacy as a Submissive

EyemBlackSheep discusses what intimacy is like as a submissive male. Is this something you can relate to or is your experience different? Let us know in the comments box. If you would like to be a guest blogger for uk-fetish please email or contact me on Kaz Twitter -KB ————————————————————————————————————— A few years ago […]

Podopheleus writes – Should Subs Have A Kink CV??

The following article below is written by Podopheleus who explores the idea of a kink CV. It’s an appealing concept. Let’s face it if every sub supplied a CV of his or her likes, limits, kinks, and desires along with a skillset, experience, and references it would make life much easier for his dominant! (In fact, […]