Hi everyone,

It’s been a trying few months for everyone and I do hope you are finding ways to relieve some of the added pressure and tension caused by the current pandemic and being cooped up inside. I can only imagine some of you must be craving a good spanking or humiliating punishment. It’s been such a long time since I made a bottom nice and pink and sore!

Life as we knew it has changed for many of us, myself included. I have recently relocated back to Wiltshire and I am no longer based in Reading. When it is safe to do so and the government gives us new guidelines on mixing with other people, I will be initially organising tours in both Swindon and Reading, and at a later stage other areas of the UK.

Currently I am available for Video Calls, Phone chat, Webcam, & Customised videos. I would appreciate notice when possible. I have been offering virtual sessions since the start of the pandemic, and many of my slaves find that this is a great way to keep up their servitude and to minimise some of the frustrations they have suffered since lockdown. Even more importantly, it gives me a good giggle, and you do like to please your Mistress don’t you!

Customs start at £50 for 5 minutes and options are available for all budgets.

There are many kinds of role play that can be enjoyed via a webcam, such as Nurse and patient (patient has a remote medical exam for example) job interview with a bitchy boss, or a woman who has caught her neighbour spying and incorporates some kind of blackmail or punishment. There are so many options, or we can just have a chat or a bit of kinky talk! There is no need to deny yourselves the pleasures of kink when you have the world of BDSM and fetish at your finger tips! If you are completely new to this, why not takes the plunge and try something a little different. When we are confined with limited options, we can fall into a bit of a rut, so by introducing a completely new factor it can help keep our brains activated and help us to feel more inspired about life.

In times like these it’s important that we consider both our mental and physical health. It’s imperative we get exercise, but we most also stimulate our minds. Even just going for a walk as often as possible can make such a big difference. I’ll be doing another blog soon with some useful contacts so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Keep smiling, everything that is happening right now is temporary. Things will start to get better.

Mistress Kaz 

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