Recently I was lucky enough to get invited onto the show Belle’s Secrets which is a popular online show and Youtube channel which explores various facets of the fetish and BDSM world.

The fabulous Aussie host Chrystelle Belle who often co hosts with Selena Secrets was great to chat with. I find some interviews can feel a little forced and you are bombarded with a lot of short, sharp questions that make you feel as if you’ve drunkenly stumbled onto the set of University Challenge.  Thankfully, Chystelle Belle was an absolute natural and we just chatted about various fetish related topics, the legal side of the adult industry and genuinely enjoyed putting the world to rights. It felt more like hanging out with a mate down the pub, having a drink and a natter about things that have been affecting us and the rest of the world these days.

We also talked about some of the romance novels that I have written including the novella Sordid Secrets and the award winning, Dreaming in the Dark, but more interestingly for me, I got to hang out with the very cool chick and fellow dominatrix Chrystelle, who I seem who share some strong similarities with, despite having always lived on opposite sides of the globe. It was quite extraordinary!

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed appearing on it.  Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 11am GMT. That’s an order 😉

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