Dear subbies and kinksters,

I recently discovered The Velvet Rope, an amazing kink-friendly members club in the heart of Swindon. The club currently hosts socially distanced fetish and swingers nights and there are various rooms in a dungeon area that are available for Mistresses to hire. Having this gorgeous venue virtually on my door step, I am able to offer more regular sessions to slaves who are able to give me notice and are willing to organise a booking deposit.

The location of the dungeon is ideal for commuters and those near the M4 corridor.  The venue resides at the end of the town centre, so is easily accessible by train/bus and there is affordable parking nearby.



The dungeon is situated in a renovated nightclub so access is extremely discreet. The interior of the building is classy and luxurious with a selection of rooms, which boast different features and equipment depending on your mood. When I was invited to drop in and view the rooms I was extremely impressed. The owner Mistress Ruby –  a wonderfully charming South African lady was extremely welcoming and a pleasure to talk to.  The venue itself was also appealing for many reasons. I have visited a lot of dungeons and studios in the past and sometimes it’s hard to escape that seedy 80’s feel with over the top red carpets & detailing. The Velvet Rope is as far removed from that outdated conception of a dungeon as you can get.  The industrial steam punk style combined with soft lighting and erotic art which hangs from the walls, serve to create a sexy vibe which exudes class and luxury, and is the exact escape from reality that it promises to be. As I walked up the stairs, I was bathed in as soft golden glow from the fairy lights that twinkled down at me. Each room is unique and lit with ambience in mind, lending a quality to the rooms which will certainly leave even the most nervous sub feeling relaxed and at ease.
















At the top of the stairway there are a number of doors which gives you a feeling even more exciting than getting an advent calendar as a child, as you wonder what is behind each door. Some of the rooms have large, human sized cages soldered from iron. This allows subby to experience the feeling of imprisonment and being held captive by his or her dominant. There is a spanking bench available, stocks and all manner of kinky delights with which to wet your appetite!

I have already started to book some of my lucky slaves into the Velvet Rope for sessions this autumn. There is also an option for subbies to book me for an evening and attend a future fetish night with me at the venue.  I am also able to offer deals for this kind of evening with some private playtime included.

You can text me on the booking line to make an enquiry or to book your femdom session with me in Swindon.

To find out how to become a member and attend future parties visit the link below!

Who ever knew that a sleepy little town like Swindon was home to so many kinky things? Well, don’t just take my word for it, come and find out!