Mentioned in London Professional Mistresses

I love creating digital clips and uploading them onto Clips4Sale. They’re like an army of digital mini-me’s providing thousands of JOI’s to you kinksters over and over again, 24/7. And it always pleases me to know the sissy’s amongst you can easily get inspired for your next session. 

Times are certainly changing. I would never have guessed that when I started that digital domming would become such a thing! And now a new generation of kinksters who’ve grown up with Instagram and Tik Tok are using it to get their kicks. 

I was very pleased to notice that I got a mention in an article on London Professional Mistresses for Online Domination in 2021. I blogged some time ago about one of my favourite Slaves (Mr Cocktail Slut) who just loved to ingest the wildest mix of vile foods to please me. He was extremely entertaining – and it would appear LPM shares some of that amusement.


London Professional Mistresses publishes BDSM news and Fetish content whilst also listing the best Mistresses in London. I do enjoy the tone of the site, so I’m pleased to also be listed as a London Mistress on LPM too. I’ll soon be featured in other areas of their Flog Blog so I look forward to updating you all when this happens.


Any site that creates great content for Mistresses or Fetish Culture gets my vote.