London Duo Sessions With MLA

I have just returned from another fantastic day of domination duos with the gorgeous dominatrix, Mistress Lady Ashley, aka MLA.

On occasions I have mentioned to some of my slaves that I sometimes work with MLA, and the funniest couple of responses I had were – “Oh really? But isn’t she really scary?!”

“What do you mean by really scary?” I asked them bemused. They would say something like, “Ya know, isn’t she really extreme and stuff?”

“It depends. If the client is interested in an extreme session yes. If he says he would prefer mild play, then no, she doesn’t reach for the canes and give him a good old thrashing just for the hell of it! Any pro-domme in this industry that has a good reputation will understand and adhere the unwritten rules of B.D.S.M. that is based around trust and consent.”

I seriously wonder where these fantastical ideas come from sometimes and then I conclude it is all down to the power of advertising. For example, a Domme’s Twitter is her shop window. I mostly err on the side of caution because if Twitter’s regulations should change, I don’t want to have to remove 13 years of posts, that would be rather time consuming! So, I suppose my Twitter shop window is a bit like Ann Summers, the high street version with fluff, tassels and tease and all of your really racy and kinky stuff is under the counter, just out of vision. Hat’s off to MLA and other Dommes who flip a metaphorical V to the prospect of censors and showcase some of their more extreme stuff. What you see in MLA’s shop window is like going past a hard-core sex shop in Amsterdam, but once you wade past all the heavy bondage gear and implements of terror, you’ll find some cute fluffy stuff too that’s just irresistible! I am not referring to sex acts just to be clear, neither of us offer those services. I refer to sessions which are more tease based, or themed around light bondage, cross dressing and sissy play.

As Mistresses, we are all uniquely different and I would say that while MLA’s style does gravitate towards the extreme, that is merely one chord on her instrument, not the entire orchestra. Working with MLA has been an absolute delight on many levels. She is very adept in bringing a seductive, teasing style to the mix and is very capable of reading the room and adapting her style. Every session that we have conducted together has been a sensational journey and every sub has left smiling and buzzing.

The fabulous Mistress has also had quite the impact on myself! As I’ve been doing this a long time when I duo, I usually lead or sometimes coach, but working with MLA I am also finding myself on a learning journey and discovering new techniques, implements and ingenious ideas. For example, I had never used a dragon tail until yesterday! MLA gave me an express micro-lesson and I picked it up quickly as she’s a natural teacher and explains and demonstrates things in a way that’s easily accessible. She also has her own superb version of using weights for CBT sessions and I would say that this was one of her signature styles. I could tell you more, but it’s a closely guarded secret and as a Scorpio I am bound by oath to take this knowledge to my grave with me, sorry, not sorry!

Our initial meeting came about quite accidentally as it happens. The stars were just aligned at the right place in the right time I suppose you could say. One of my loyal subs and her loyal subs became very well acquainted on Twitter and bravely suggested we all get together. To cut a long story short, this ended up happening and we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that our personalities and styles complimented each other very well. Sometime later, we were spit roasting subbies, caning bottoms and punishing balls in a state of perfect flow.

So, if anyone reading this has been thinking about coming to see us as a duo, or even MLA one to one (I’m not greedy and can’t see all the slaves in the world 😉 ) then I suggest you bite the bullet, and if you are a newcomer or have a low pain threshold, just explain your concerns and you will be well looked after.

Now, for more good news! I have two dates for your diaries. Our next play date in St John’s Woods, London is 19th October.

I also have a second date for your diary when you can book double domination sessions for 16th November in Chelsea, London.

We have already filled two slots for the next tour before advertising and from the interest we have received this time (and last) it looks as if we will get booked up quickly. You can secure your place now for a £50 deposit. Feel free to text your enquiries across to my booking line on and I look forward to hearing from you.
























Text me via the booking line to organise an appointment with us on the set tour dates. If enquiring outside of set dates, appointments must be for 3 hours or longer and between Monday to Thursday (with reasonable notice to plan).

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