Retraining For The Lost Subbies

Dear Subbies, sluts, slaves, & freaks,












I fear that a small number of you have become rusty and have forgotten how to interact with a Mistress. A good sub should know that I provide services I enjoy, but I am NEVER working for you. You are there to entertain, amuse me and make my life better. That is your role as submissive servant and woe betide those who forget this!

My little break in lockdown has served me well and allowed me to shrewdly observe with an all seeing eye. Nonsense and poor behaviour does not go unnoticed. Likewise, good loyal subs who have been polite and helpful will be remembered and offered first priority.

Please remember in your future communications with any Mistress – you should address them appropriately, and be courteous and thoughtful of your speech in all interactions. Also do not forget, when you meet a Mistress or speak for the first time you must earn her trust. Do not try to be overly familiar or pally with her and do not ask to be friends. Friendship is a natural progression and I would be extremely wary of anyone who attempted to push or rush intimacy by asking such a ridiculous question! I advise you do not embarrass yourself with this kind of oddball behaviour!

On another note, ff you are the worthy kind of slave who has bothered to read this far, you will be rewarded by learning that I have two tour dates in Reading, 28th and 29th July. Having taken 4 months out due to the pandemic, I am easing myself very slowly back into the world of Femdom. There will be no intimate services on offer such as spitting, but anything that allows rubber gloves & a face mask is fine 😉 Hand sanitiser and a shower is provided and there is plenty of fun props and implements in the dungeon.

You will need to send a deposit to book and confirm your place once a suitable time has been agreed. Do feel free to text me on the booking line with questions and I can always arrange a call back 🙂

If you are unable to make these dates you will need to wait until I next organise a tour, although if you are desperately rusty and in need of admonishment and further training, you are welcome to book a phone chat or video call.

I look forward to seeing you

Mistress Kaz