November Tours: How To Book

Dear Slaves, Subs and kinksters

I have a couple of tours lined up before the festive season hits us, so if you are eager to join me for a femdom session before we all become very busy, you may be interested in some of the following tour options below. If you are planning on making an enquiry, please ensure you read the section below on how to book.

Chelsea, London:

Monday 15th November: ONE TO ONES  – I have a couple of spaces for worthy, obedient slaves or kinksters between late afternoon and early eve.

Tuesday 16th November:

I will be joining forces with the indomitable Miss Lady Ashley. I have been enjoying the pleasure of MLA’s company for some time now and a dynamite session is always ensured, tailored to your level whether you are a novice or experienced sub. MLA is highly skilled in impact play and pegging, and covers all styles of domination.

Due to cancellations, we have availability between 1pm and 4 pm and limited space after 7pm.

Wednesday 17th November:

One to ones and double domination with fetishista Amber West.

Amber adores all kinds of fetish and loves to play the girl next door who has caught you misbehaving. We are a teasing duo that enjoys penetrating your mind and encouraging your submissive desires. We have some spaces throughout the day, please make an inquiry to see if your preferred time slot is available.



25th and 26th November.

I am visiting the area for two days and will be taking a few bookings while I am there. My selection process will be based on strong, criteria and preference will be given to subs/kinksters (as in all cases) that are respectful and follow the booking process.

How To Book

In the first instance, please TEXT the booking line: 07572 273 296

I am rarely able to answer calls that are not pre-arranged.

In your initial inquiry, please state your likes, limits, preferred day and time. If suitable, I will then arrange a call back with you to discuss your booking.  A small deposit is required to confirm your slot. Once this is arranged, your time slot will be saved for you.

You may make reasonable requests on all bookings that are at least an hour long. Things you can request are specific role-plays, outfits (within reason) keywords you would like to be used in the session or certain names or phrases. Please discuss these with me first to ensure we are on the same wavelength. Consent and good communication are key to a fun and exhilarating session for both of us.

For newbies:

Once you have arrived and brought me the tribute, we will have a chat to put you at ease and ensure you feel comfortable.

Do make me aware if you have any medical conditions or joint problems beforehand. You will be given a safe word if pain play or humiliation will be taking place.

A shower is available for you if desired. Once you are feeling relaxed, the session will commence. This will incorporate some of the likes on your list and if agreed I will push your boundaries and help you to explore your submissive side or kink, but your hard limits will be respected.

The session will start off fairly mild, taking a few twists and turns up to the midway point and increasing towards the end when you are in the Goldilocks zone (when your senses are heightened and everything is feeling just right! )

Subs are often a little weak-kneed and wobbly after a session when all the endorphins have kicked in! This is perfectly normal and I suggest sitting for a moment and drinking fluids. Slaves can later experience something called sub drop, which is when your body has released massive amounts of chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and oxytocin. As they say, what goes up, must come down and you may find yourself feeling a little flat a few hours later. This is simply your body telling you to rest and rebuild the chemicals that have been depleted. I suggest plenty of self-care to help with this, take it easy and try a hot bath or something you find relaxing. Take a multivitamin and make sure your electrolyte levels are topped up. I prescribe lots of self-love and rest and relaxation.

For those that are seeking to join me, or my dominant friends and I on a journey into sub space or Kinksville, do feel free to drop me a message and arrange a mind-blowing session and please make sure to follow my booking process if you would like a response.

I look forward to taking you to the dark side!

Yours mischievously

-Miss Kaz B