I’m delighted to announce a new tour for February. My anti-valentines tour kicks off 16th and 17th February in central Reading in a discrete, modern apartment. If you are a singleton there’s no need to feel as if you are missing out Valentine’s week, instead celebrate your freedom and indulge your inner kink!

On the menu will be one-to-one sessions, slave training, domme duos and forced bi sessions. I’ll be bringing sweeties for all my slaves to enjoy and we’ll be celebrating in style with a heavy dose of fetish-themed fun and role plays, should you choose. Perhaps a spurned lover would have sent you to me as punishment, or perhaps you forgot to send me (your wife) a Valentines card and it’s payback time! 😉

If you are brave enough I will give you a makeover or draw hearts and defamations all over your naked body! We can indulge in as much creative, kinky fun as you can take. Are you game for the challenge?

I’ll have another domme in the area- who by the way is drop-dead gorgeous and who will happily whip you into submission if that floats your boat. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try forced bi but not yet plucked up the courage. This type of session can feel intense with just two slaves, so a bi party is a great way to dip your toe in the water without having all the pressure on you to perform. These sessions are always good fun and a great chance to relax with like-minded people.

There is an option of filming one-to-one sessions but I have a strict criteria for this. Slaves must be able to fill in a full model release form and supply two forms of ID. These will be kept on a secure server for your safety. If you would like to film, but cannot supply the required documents, I can film the session for an additional fee for you to keep as a memento.

I also have tours coming up in March for Derby and central London and will be posting a blog about this soon. Mistress Kaz is coming to a town near you soon – stay tuned!