Many sub opportunities for 2023 Swindon/Surrey

January 10th I return to Surrey for a flurry of sessions, late evening writing sessions for joint projects, and filming a documentary.

In 2022 I had some fabulous subs whom I sessioned with, did video chats with, texted with, lunched with and even travelled with! If I didn’t get chance to meet with you last year – it was all a bit of a whirlwind, but there are plenty of opportunities for 2023!

I will have some availability each month near Ascot for one-to-ones and with Lady J. Here are some of the things you may be able to enjoy:

Taking a dive into the waters of femdom and discovering new things. Being our servant and cleaning the house, making teas/coffees and generally entertaining us. Helping our lifestyle and indulging your Mistresses from time to time. Carrying out errands and duties and fetching things – good boy! 😉

I recall a session with Lady J where we wrapped a lucky slave in shrink wrap and used him as a footstool while we continued with our work. We agreed to eventually free him to allow him the privilege of massaging our feet. Slave T assisted me on shopping trips and cleaned for me while others brought shopping or reimbursed my dinner. All of our subs have added to our lives in some way, which we are of course grateful for.  Many subs have confessed that we too, have helped them to become better versions of themselves. May this continue to be the case.

I may also need a slave for a documentary I’m filming. He will be required to wear a gimp mask and kneel next to me, serve tea and carry out domestic duties. This will be in Surrey 12th Jan. Please feel free to apply if you aren’t camera shy!

My tour in Surrey starts 10th January, so contact me earlier to ensure you don’t miss out. Text or whatsapp is my preferred method of communication, though a follow-up call can be arranged to plan the experience.

Happy new year – may your 2023 be full of love, laughter, good health and all things kinky! See you in 2023.

Love, light and lashes.

-Mistress Kaz B