A deeper understanding – Manlock on Sex workers

This week’s very special guest is Manlock, a writer, submissive, and a keen contributor to the BDSM community. In the following article, Manlock writes that there is more to sex workers than meets the eye, and he debates the varied skillsets and people skills that sex workers must perfect to run a variable, ever-evolving business.  


When I was just starting work I got a job as a labourer. Back then I recall comments and discussions
from office workers about how labourers were not smart. About how we did not work as hard as they
did because we had less to learn.
Jump forward a few years and I became an office worker. And I recall comments and discussions from
labourers about how office workers didn’t even do a real job because they did nothing physical.
Having been in both camps I can categorically state that neither opinion is true. But it took a first-
hand experience to confirm that.
I mention this because it draws a parallel to something I sometimes hear, first and third hand about
sex workers. The perception is sometimes limited to just the session and takes nothing else into
These days I run a department of 125 staff all performing different roles and all with hard-earned
skillsets that helps my department function day to day. It is my belief that the number of skills a
sex worker displays covers the vast majority of my department.


Now I want to preface this by saying I am not a sex worker. I do not speak for them and I am not
laying claim to experiences I do not have.
Everything I mention below are things I have been told or have witnessed but I am always open to
being wrong and to learning. So please do correct me if I am wrong.

“So why are you writing this if you aren’t a sex worker” the rather intimidating voice in my head

Why, dear voice, because it is something I feel passionately about. Sex work is one of the oldest
professions. It is also one of the most sought-after and needed trades in humanity’s history. Physical
health is of course important and Doctors are applauded for their efforts. Sex workers contribute to our mental health and strongest needs and yet do not receive the same respect. That is why I decided to write this article.

“So, what is your point” The intimidating voice in my head asks impatiently?

I am getting there. The reality is a sex worker has so many talents which, in the mainstream, seems
How did you learn of your preferred sex worker? Did they magically appear at your doorstep as your
loneliness starts to take its all-consuming hold on you? No. It may have been from a website. For
some, the website was built by the sex worker themselves. The content of that website was no doubt created and
edited by the person you so desperately want to spend time with.
The time, knowledge, and experience to create or have a website created that accurately portrays a
personality is significant.
Was it via social media you learned of their existence? The sheer amount of time needed to write all
of those tweets or Instagram posts certainly adds up. Perhaps more importantly they need followers
and so a marketing strategy is come up with in some cases.
So, we have website creation, marketing, and content editing covered so far but I am far from
Those images you so often lust after. The ones that grab hold of your mind and won’t let go. The
ones that decided for you that sessioning with them is of the utmost importance. Think for a
moment about the amount of effort that went into those images. The photography, the image editing,
the poses, and the captions all take time to create.
Let’s be honest and all agree, the images they create that enrich our lives have far more thought
put into them, (Some of them) than we can easily know just by looking at the image itself.

Pretty business woman with a darker skin tone.

Of course, one of the hardest things in life is to innovate and invent. But sex workers have this
covered too. So often I see new packages, new ways to interact with their clients, and new means to
market. The innovations I see in the sex industry are many and impressive. Invention and innovation
one after another and each one seems so obvious once it has been thought of as all great inventions
Up until now I have purposefully left out the obvious but let’s have a look at those sessions which is
often all a client thinks about. The learning and skill honing required to run those sessions are, I
imagine, not that easy. I am a sub so corporal punishment comes to mind. I believe, correct me if I
am wrong, that there are areas on the thigh or bum that can cause damage if struck too hard. A
domme had to learn that.

Of course, with experience comes the ability to read a client. To learn when they have had enough
or what they are feeling even when they cannot find the words to communicate it verbally.
That intuition, experience, and knowledge that comes from continuously learning and developing
their skills so your session is all it could be takes time and effort.
And of course, their looks. Many Sex Workers spend time and effort to look the way they do. The
gym, make-up, clothing – all of it requires thought.
Of course, not all sex workers do all of the things I mention above. But that leads me on to another
skill. Delegation and project management. For every skill they do not possess or every job they do
not have time to do, there is an element of delegation to make sure that the job gets done by someone
capable and qualified to do it. Project management and people management are difficult skills in and
of themselves. I speak from personal experience here.
I doubt I have covered half of it but you get my point.
So that is pretty much every role in my department covered. In fact, I might fire all 125 staff
tomorrow and hire a few sex workers. I bet the department would run more efficiently.
So be kind to sex workers as we should be kind to everyone. They are hard-working people who
contribute so much to our society and just happen to be on the angry end of people who have a chip
on their shoulder from time to time.

Thank you for reading.