EyemBlackSheep Talks Intimacy as a Submissive

EyemBlackSheep discusses what intimacy is like as a submissive male. Is this something you can relate to or is your experience different? Let us know in the comments box.
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A few years ago I was having some self-reflection and realised a common pattern between my main kinks/fetishes and what I enjoyed most about any form of ‘play’, especially as a submissive.


The catalyst had been a human ashtray clip I was filming with Nikki French.  Nikki made a throw-away comment of, “you will be my cancer boy” (arguably dark… but in context this is fine!) and this was something that started the ball rolling between human ashtray being something “I did” and something “I love”.

As she exhales and blows smoke straight into your mouth, which you take into your lungs, you are literally sharing the air. Her recycled air.

This realisation of course played into many of my other kinks and fetishes.Watersports: literally drinking what comes out of her body.
Sweat: ditto.  At first, I thought this was just sweaty feet – but, for example, armpits are certainly another ‘hot spot’
Spitting: there’s a trend here
Facesitting: which is really up close and personal
Any form of sexual play including pegging; doesn’t need an explanation
Any type of body worship; my lips, her skinFoot worship, especially.I was reminded of this very recently. I was sharing a hotel room with Roxy-Fox and had joked a perk of this was ‘a foot rub after a long day’.
When appropriate, I sat down in front of her and started massaging her feet.  I did, of course, move on to kissing and toe sucking – but the whole moment was nice.  No cameras, no expectancy on how the other “should” behave – just the world shrinking to that foot rub.

That was something that reminded me of what I love most.  Especially during private play.

No playing for the cameras. No booming lights. You can have music to set the mood without the risk of a DCMA takedown.

When you’re stood, strapped up, or tied to a bench.  The anticipation. You feel the gentle touch of her fingers, or nails, against your back.  Goosebumps.
And the whole universe reduces to the right here and now.

And, you’re tied down or strapped up.  Anything could happen next.  I mean, hey, she could just go to your jacket, take out your wallet and leave you there for the cleaners to find….
But there’s something in that moment. The trust, the intimacy.  That while many of my fetishes are in sharing in her body… this is the point where your body is all hers.

That moment of realisation was something that at the time made things a little difficult in my head.
But, knowing what I enjoy about this, and why I like it – certainly is something which sets me in the right direction when experiences open up.

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