Joining Forces with MLA in London 13th July 2021

London Duo with Miss Lady Ashley in July

If summer brings out your inner kinkster then you have plenty to look forward to over the coming months. Foot fetishists will no doubt rejoice at the number of women wearing flip flops on their daily commutes. In fact, most kinksters will probably enjoy the fact that everyone is feeling a little more upbeat and less inhibited as the sun boosts our endorphins and increases that feel-good factor.

I’m very excited about summer myself and have various tours lined up for this Summer which includes East London at the end of June and Chelsea, London in September. Most of all though, I am very excited to meet the sensual and sadistic Mistress known as Miss Lady Ashley! On 13th July in London, we will be blending our talents to bring our subbies to their knees, where they will tremble under the spell of our seductive but wicked charms.

Play time will vary from very mild play, eg tie and tease and light spanking through to the more extreme for the more advanced, pain seeking slave.

Our duo day has booked up very quickly due to demand and there are now only a couple of opportunities left. These are as follows:

Opportunity 1: Cock-sucking sissy:

If you are comfortable being filmed and sucking cock this may be for you! You must be devoted to serving us two Mistresses and taking gratitude in being allowed to pleasure a sub for our entertainment. This is your only role and we can offer a slightly reduced rate for this specific role, but if you are hoping for one-to-two time with us then I suggest you book Opportunity 2 instead.

Opportunity 2:

We have a limited window available between 4-7pm.  You can book a single hour or you can book all three slots if you are a glutton for punishment 😉 You may provide us with a list of likes and limits and of course it is possible to discuss this with us, but we may throw in a few (pleasant) surprises along the boy if you are obedient and serve us well. On the contrary, a punishment or two may be thrown in as long as it doesn’t appear on your limits list.

You will need to pay a deposit to confirm your slot. Please contact myself or MLA to make an enquiry.

We look forward to taking you on a rollercoaster of depravity.

In the meantime, why not check out our fan pages:

Love and Lashes -Mistress Kaz