I blogged some time ago about ‘Cocktail Slut’ one of my slaves who’s fetish is based around his palette as he likes to ingest all kinds of vile food ingredients to please me. This slave never fails to entertain me. He is very articulate, educated and funny without meaning to be or even realising it.

Last night we did a webcam show which despite everything going wrong, was one of the best yet as it was totally spontaneous! It wasn’t strictly just a cam show and took a few unusual turns as you’ll see as you read on. You’ll probably think I’m making some of this up or exaggerating as it’s pretty wild, but trust me, these events need no flowery embellishment even if I desired it!

This is what he requested I wear for the show – a boob tube, a “rollable skirt” and a flowing cardigan.

We did a short confessional on Skype whereby Cocktail Slut – lets call him Cedrick – confessed his wrongdoings to me. Then we took a break so I could get ready and he could gather his list of ingredients I asked for. The list included things such as ties, pegs, mustard, crackers, stale pee, pickles and his most hated things…eggs, bananas and tuna!

We began the session and I had Cedrick down a couple of shots of JD to get into the swing of things and told him he was going to be thoroughly degraded tonight! I instructed him to pop a few wheat Shreddies into the glass of pee to eat later. Shreddies are particularly absorbent so you can clearly see why they are a good choice.

Then he surprised me “Mistress, I have left 3 evacuations in the toilet if you feel like I need a particularly stern punishment.” he blurted and I giggled manically.

“That depends on you Slave and how good your behaviour is but you have some making up to do for your unaccpetable behaviour….”

Things were just starting to get interesting when I saw a look of panic flash in Cedrick’s eyes and he blurted “Someones at the door  – call you back!”

I then received a text say “Arrrrgh abort!”

“What’s happening slut?” I said?

“Going to the pub.” he replied.

“What?” I said “The pub!!!!!! Make an excuse! This is far too much fun to abort for the pub Slave!”

At this point I sent him a photo of myself with my cardigan sleeves rolled up. This is a fetish of his and I knew he would be unable to resist carrying on the fun gameplay when I sent him photo’s like these. I  use rolled up sleeve photo’s for rewards as much as manipulation with Cedrick!

After a couple of minutes another text came through. “The girlfriend came back early Mistress. I’ve had to go to the pub as I’m pretty drunk now, but maybe I could go for a walk and we can do some dares and carry on.”

I decided this really did sound like fun so I sent Slave to the shops and told him to Face Time me from the shop so I could choose what he bought.

“Won’t it looking funny me Face Timing you in a shop?” he said. 

“As long as we are discrete no one will expect anything. I’m sure guys forget all the time what they have been sent out for.” I assured him.

He entered the shop and I very discretely asked him to show me the products and then chose a few items such as an egg sandwich, spam and a brownie – which would be quite disgusting if mixed together! Then he said quite loudly “Oh shall I get some kind of vessel to play with?” I laughed aloud – so much for discretion!!

He exited the shop and then he said something that made me nearly fall off my chair!













We decided Cedrick would find a quiet park where he could blend these disgusting food items for me and perhaps take a sneaky wee wee in a bottle to drink as well. On route I ordered him to eat some of the cat treats he had in his pocket and he obliged. I loved the idea that my slave was in the street eating cat treats – a sign of true loyalty and obedience! 

Slave Enjoying A Feline Snack








Unfortunately at this point Cedrick only had 20% battery so we agreed to continue with whatsapp and photo’s rather than Face Time. 

Eventually he arrived. “I’m in the park Mistress. It’s very dark and scary, I can hear strange noises.”

Cedrick plundered around the park for sometime seeming to become increasingly ill at ease and I was concerned that he may get mugged, so decided he should look for another location. He headed for a smaller park that was better lit and this is what he sent me.













I felt like I had fallen into some kind of bizarre computer game or fairy tale going from a dark foreboding forest with monstrous lurking creatures, to a little fairy grove with as he said –  a ‘babbling brook’ and I laughed again at the bizarre turn this session had taken.

We got as far as slave managing a quick and sneaky pee in the bottle and downing it before he heard voices, so I told him to head home to safety as his girlfriend would now be asleep. 

Cedrick text me from home and must have been quite tipsy as he said “I’ve left all the shopping outside the front door shall I use the original ingredients?”

I had to laugh thinking of his girlfriend finding an egg sandwich, a tin of spam and a brownie on the doorstep the next morning. She would think he had gotten a serious case of the munchies and then been too squiffy to eat them!

Slave faffed around for a bit in what I imagine was a fairly tipsy state and couldn’t seem to get his webcam working.  It was very late by this point so I told him I was going to punish him for his failings and that he would have to do better next time. I ordered him to go to the toilet and relieve himself BUT he was too take a huge mouthful of the stale pee from yesterday that he had saved and hold it in his mouth the whole time until he finished.

The conversation went a little like this…













Slave eventually managed to finish, but not without suffering for quite some time with the taste of yesterdays stale pee violating his tastebuds. His tongue must have been thoroughly marinated in it by the time he was done! He was under strict instructions that any mess he created would be consumed by mouth. He obliged duly and sent pictures as evidence of his good behaviour.

I was pleased that he obeyed all of my instructions but nonetheless decided that next time he would have to be degraded further as we had missed out a large part of the planned fun due to unforeseen mishaps. Slave agreed that this was the best course of action and I always know best.

Needless to say this was the best webcam show ever, very impulsive and full of unexpected moments!

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