Butt Flossing And The Curious Habits Of Gentlemen

Skins of Steel

Have you ever noticed how differently men and women dry themselves when stepping out of the shower? My slaves sometimes have a shower at the end of a session, usually if watersports or strap on play has been involved. During the procedure, I often observe their amusing mannerisms.

Firstly, the fellas seem to have their showers so scorching hot! When I see how high the temperature dial is cranked up after their showers, I am amazed that they didn’t exit the bathroom looking like a snake shedding it’s skin! Men have less delicate skin than women that is for sure!

Another thing that never fails to amuse is that I have to point out to them which product is shower gel. If I didn’t help them with this, I am convinced they would end up washing themselves with shaving gel or tooth paste! Perhaps, as of late this is partially my fault as I have been buying a lot of unicorn inspired bathroom products. To be fair, any pot of pink or purple shimmery goo is going to confuse most fellas!

I always make a note of making plain, unscented soap available to wash with as well. This is in case they are on their way home to their wives or girlfriends. You can just imagine how the following conversations between man and missus might go down, if I did not take this precaution. “Why the hell do you smell of Unicorn dazzle and Strawberry, Sherbet Mermaid Drops? You total bastard!”

Once they exit the bathroom smelling absolutely delicious, the merriment continues. I find the drying technique most men seem to adopt as hilarious as it is baffling.

A woman will wrap a towel around herself like it is a gown, wear it with a flourish and allow herself to dry au natural, whilst dabbing delicately at her limbs.  Men however, seem to favour a scrubbing action and scrape the towel as hard as possible down their bodies, a method that reminds me of sanding down a piece of wood.

Butt Flossing And More Besides

When they reach their genitals, new levels of hilarity are reached. The knees bend, the legs akimbo in an ungraceful squat. Then the towel is used in the same way one might use dental tape. That’s right, the towel is used to floss back and forth over the balls and between the arse crack! As the towel friction burns those hard to reach bits, the knees bend lower and lower until Slave is barely the size of one of Snow Whites Dwarves!  Now isn’t that a mental image! Normally whilst this is happening, my slave is having a perfectly normal conversation with me about his golfing/Rugby/Fishing trip at the weekend or his plans to visit Barcelona/Munich/Paris/Clacton-On-Sea!

Of course, it’s not something that phases me but what I find remarkable is the sheer number of differences between men and women! Needless to say though, I get through a lot of towels every day!

Hmmm, perhaps I should buy shares in washing powder, or get them to sponsor me. I could supply the ad company with a montage of slaves flossing their bottoms, followed by a phrase such as:

“Washing your delicates need not be a pain in the rear! Leave stains behind with NEW ‘Stain Behind!’

What do you think peeps? I’m not sure it would get past the censors but you never know! 😉

Have a naughty day & I’ll catch up with you soon!

Love and lashes

Mistress Kaz x


Super hot or not – most fellas love to floss their butts!

Butt Flossing And The Curious Habits Of GentlemenButt Flossing And The Curious Habits Of Gentlemen