Interview With The Maid: Crossdressing Servant

Ever wondered what would happen if you could interview your favourite book characters? Today, in a conversation with myself, I interviewed Lady Athena’s loyal manservant Maid, from Dreaming in the Dark. He is an extinguished fellow, humble yet charming, and quietly brilliant. I would like to present you – the incredible gentleman – Maid!


Hello Maid, It’s a real treat to spend this time with you! I heard on the grapevine that you are one of the favourite characters from Dreaming in the Dark. So, my blog readers are curious about a few things, such as how you came to work for Lady Athena?


Oh goodness, I wouldn’t know about that! I’m just little old me, nothing special. I am most flattered and thank you for this wonderful opportunity

I like to think my purpose is to make Athena’s life as smooth as possible, although there are so many unexpected hurdles that I could never anticipate. Sometimes I am required to assist in her sessions, and I feel that I am incredibly privileged to be able to do so.

As for meeting the exquisite Lady Athena. It was about 6 months after a messy divorce. During my marriage, I had suppressed certain sides to myself so when my wife left me, rather than becoming depressed, I decided to dabble with some of the things that had intrigued me when I was much younger. I happened to spot Lady Athena’s advert in the local paper and I gave her a call. At the time, she was new herself to the world of BDSM, but she took me under her wing, encouraged my crossdressing and taught me how to apply make-up. She needed a housekeeper at the time, so I would carry out chores in return, which freed up her time to concentrate on the business.

As the business began to flourish, Athena offered me a full-time position at the manor. At first, it involved cleaning and cooking, then later we began hosting spectacular parties for bankers, accountants and even judges. There would be three-course meals, fine wines and wonderful celebrations. I have seen Athena go from strength to strength. There have been many trials along the way, but we have approached them as a team and got through the hardest times.


Can you tell us what it’s like being a servant to Lady Athena?

It’s an absolute honour! Athena may have a wicked side, but outside of the playroom, she has a heart of gold. My Mistress helped me recover from my divorce and some of the additional trials life has thrown at me. We are there for each other as friends and there is a mutual respect. There is no other job in the world which I would derive the same sheer amount of pleasure from.

It sounds as if you have built a wonderful rapport with your Mistress. So, do you still session together?

In the early days we used to play, then we become very close friends and indulging in the kinky side one on one began to feel slightly strange! So, we decided to omit that side of the relationship and it was a mutual decision. I do help her in sessions of course, which appeals to the voyeur in me and I am permitted house guests whenever I desire, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my duties. Mostly I prefer to watch though. Serving gives me the greatest satisfaction that I could ever achieve.

If I had a huge manor house that needed cleaning, I would definitely hire you Maid! I doubt if Athena would ever give you up though! So, moving on, didn’t you recently have a younger female love interest?

Oh Goodness! I didn’t know you were going to ask this question. Yes, I did and without wishing to offend Miss, may we skip past that? I don’t feel as if I am quite ready to discuss it. It is all still quite…fresh.

Of course Maid. Can we talk about the breakdown of your marriage?

Absolutely. That was a long time ago now and the wounds have healed, mental wounds of course, my wife was many things but she was not a maniac, fortunately.

Ha-ha! Good to know! What was the main reason for the breakdown of your marriage?

There were many factors involved. When I first met my wife, she seemed accepting of my cross-dressing fetish. She seemed to actively enjoy it, but after a couple of years, it was almost as if she despised it. I put in a great deal of effort adapting to my wife’s desires, which would change almost daily. We would have these long talks about how I didn’t meet her needs, so I changed and I focussed all my energy on her. However, she lost interest in me then and said I was not the man she needed. At the time, I experienced a great deal of bitterness, but I’ve processed those emotions and learned that you should never change for anyone. If someone cannot accept you as you are, then they do not belong in your life.

Quite right! I’m curious about the cross-dressing. You have a very unique style. Can you tell us a little bit about it and how it developed?










I think every crossdresser chooses a look which makes them feel a certain way. For some, they long to feel desirable or like a saucy harlot, others wish to feel feminine. For me, it’s always been about embracing my feminine side. I love to colour coordinate, so I spend a great deal of time selecting shoes, wigs and petticoats that match.

I adore the feeling of PVC and the way it looks, but I also love silks and satins. I suppose that when I dress, a part of my personality transforms, I become more vibrant, my energy increases and I feel as if I belong.


Do you ever wear any of Athena’s clothes?

Don’t be silly! I wish I could squeeze into her dresses. I’m sure she would break the ‘no play’ rules though and give me a good spanking for that!

Would it be worth it?

It would never be worth displeasing my Mistress and incurring her wrath! I hate to see her unhappy and besides, you haven’t seen her in a real rage as I have!

Does she have a temper?

She has calmed down a great deal, but good grief –  if you get on the wrong side of Athena you will wish you had never been born!

Oh dear! That sounds pretty scary! Speaking of which, what’s the most extreme thing you have ever done in a session?

When I was younger I could tolerate a great deal more pain. Once I jokingly suggested that Mistress had gone soft.  My foolishness did not go unpunished! For my insolence, Mistress hung me upside on the cross and invited her friends around to play her version of pin the tail on the donkey. In this version, her friends would clip various clamps to my nipples and genitals, until my flesh was covered, then they would whip them off. It may not sound that extreme, but once you’ve had 50 clover clamps whipped from you’re your most sensitive parts, then you truly know pain!

Sounds like a reasonable punishment to me! So, do you know anything about the next book?

Oh cripes! What are you trying to do to me? I dare not! All I can say is that when everything seems to be going smoothly, something always comes along to disrupt the harmony! Such is life and we will find a way to work through whatever hand life deals us.

What are your hopes for the future Maid?

I hope that I will spend the rest of my days at the manor, serving and making the Mistress and guests happy. Of course, it would be nice to meet a lady friend, but I am happy in myself and it is not a requirement. We are comfortable financially now, I just hope that the dream may continue for as long as possible.

That’s a beautiful dream. You had quite a tough time in Dreaming in the Dark, do you regret any of the things that happened, do you wish that Athena would listen to you more or that you could have changed some of the things that happened?

I have no regrets. Sometimes in life, terrible things may happen, but ultimately, they make us who we are. The past year has given me an inner strength that I never knew I could possess. I would not change a single thing. Athena has struggled with her demons, but you must allow those you love to make their own mistakes. Mistakes encourage growth and I would not interfere with someone’s journey by preaching to them.

Thank you, Maid it was great fun interviewing you!

You can find out more about Maid’s role as a cross-dressing servant in Dreaming in the Dark, available on Amazon Kindle now and in paperback on Amazon Prime.