Erotic Romance Novel Sordid Secrets Now on Amazon

Sordid Secrets – Romantic and Erotic Novel

To all of you who have been waiting, my erotic novel Sordid Secrets is now available on Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle.  It’s been an amazing journey writing this book and I have learned a lot along the way. Sordid Secrets is partly the love child of my dark and twisted imagination and partly inspired by my ten-year career span as a dominatrix and purveyor of fetish.

When I was asked by a publishing company to write a romance novel with an erotic edge I wanted to break the mould and do something a little different to what’s currently available out there.

Female Empowerment & LGBT Friendly

As an avid book reader, my passion for reading has included all kinds of genres from action, adventure and fantasy through to crime, sci-fi and erotica. The thing I noticed with many erotic novels was that they were often written by men and based on the misogynistic beliefs that all women are submissive at heart and want to be slapped around in the bedroom! I find those kind of books a complete turn off and wanted to write a book that would empower women and explore the fact that many women enjoy dominating men and also many females enjoy submitting to another woman!

I wanted strong female characters that knew what they wanted and how to get it! This is an exploration of female desire as well as the journey of a sexually submissive man.

It’s a tale of romance and desire so you can expect lots of steamy scenes which include both heterosexual activity and wild lesbian liaisons. You can expect both vanilla sex and enough kink, fetish and BDSM to your heart skip a beat or two! Warning: This book may give you seriously filthy thoughts!

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