This is a heads up for dommes in the Hertfordshire area. The client uses a fake twitter profile, turns up with no cash and tries to plea bargain. No matter how enticing the deal may seem to you, please don’t be deceived. Take my years of experience onboard and save yourself the headache. 

So, this is what happened.

I received a message on Twitter from a profile under the name of Princess Naz claiming that she wanted to send a client to me as he was in my area. It sounded a little odd but I have had clients sent to me before from other dommes and I have returned the favour, so I agreed that it was fine for him to contact me.










The client ‘Zee’ rang shortly afterwards and sounded polite on the phone so I agreed to book him in. He was scheduled to arrive at 7pm. He rang at 7pm and told me he was at the shop I had told him to wait by. When I then directed him to the building he contradicted himself and told me he was ten minutes away. I gave him the benefit of doubt and waited ten minutes. He phoned again, asked me to buzz him in and told me that he was struggling to open the door.  This sounded a little odd, then his phone hung up. He called again and I had to instruct him on how to push the door to open it which struck me as bizarre as even my cat knows how to push a door open…yet it seems he was able to be outwitted by an inanimate wooden object!

He came up the stairs and just stopped. I could see him lingering at the end of the corridor through the window. I tried to phone him but he didn’t answer so I just closed the door again. I was getting seriously bad vibes by this point.  He then phoned again and said “Oh I’m coming now.” I alerted my girl friend in the other room that he was here and that I felt something wasn’t quite right with this booking. Often nerves can make slaves behave a little strangely but still –  I was very much on my guard.

When he came in we swapped pleasantries and he was very polite. He said he had wanted to book me for ages which didn’t ring true if the other ‘domme’ had put him in touch, but still people say things all the time wanting to impress so I brushed that off as him trying to make a good impression.

I invited him to sit down and we briefly discussed his likes and limits.  When I then had to prompt him for the expected tribute he said “Oh didn’t she tell you?”

I said “tell me what?”

“I pay through gifts on Amazon.” he replied.

I informed him that I only accept cash and that he should have asked me this on the phone, not just have turned up and expect me to be ok with it.  

He feigned surprise and asked me if he could pay via paypal. Firstly I don’t have paypal and secondly paypal payments can be reversed so this was a no go. He asked at this point if I could accept a bank transfer which I politely refused as these can also be reversed. I pointed out that there are various cash points nearby. He then said he didn’t have his bank card on him….so I’m not sure on how he was planning to do a bank transfer without his card!

None of it added up. If he can afford to put money on Amazon, then how is it he could not afford to bring the expected fee! I politely told him that he would have to leave and he could rebook another time if he could bring cash. He protested and attempted to talk in circles mentioning amazon and paypal which I declined. Finally, he seemed to be grasping at straws and pointed at his wrists and said “What about if you take my £600 Gucci watch until I can get the money to you?” I almost laughed at this point but instead continued to shake my head and firmly told him that today was not going to happen.  Feeling a little like Peter Jones I told him I was out of the deal.

Think about it, you can pick up a fake watch for about £30. To trade this for a higher priced service would leave him quids in. Seriously, if you had a £600 watch would you leave it in exchange for a service worth £150 with someone you had never met before? 

Seeing that he was getting nowhere with his pleas he left reluctantly. I then saw this message on twitter from ‘Naz’ below that I hadn’t previously:








So how is it that a client that can afford ‘Gifts from Amazon worth hundreds’ and Leboutin heels which start from £500,  is unable to scrape together £150 in cash for the session?  I’ll tell you how…because he never actually intends to part with any real cash. This kind of client brags about his wealth directly or indirectly, makes empty promises and will say anything to try and impress in the hope that someone will be gullible enough to fall for it. 

Within  2 minutes of him leaving I received a string of dm’s from ‘Princess Naz’ reassuring me what a great client Zee is, how he has stacks of cash and how I should have taken the watch he had offered me. I actually laughed at this point. As if a genuine domme is going to spend her precious time getting involved in a clients affairs let alone message back so quickly. What are they best friends?!  Furthermore there was plenty of bragging in the dm’s from ‘Naz’ about all the expensive items ‘Zee’ had bought her.

It was completely transparent that Zee and Naz were the same person  – an opportunist trying to pull a fast one and using fake pictures and a fake profile to try and make his wishy washy story a little more convincing. The bragging comments from ‘Naz” was a last ditch attempt by Zee to try and convince me that I should entertain this so called wealthy client. 

If a client is that extravagant and lavishes expensive gifts on dommes, trust me he isn’t going to have trouble finding the money to pay for a session, he doesn’t need to beg, act desperate or try to make a bargain with his fake jewellery!










Fortunately I only wasted five minutes of my time inviting him in and then asking him to leave, but I wanted to make all fellow dommes aware of this guy so that you do not end up wasting more time.

He is Asian, I’d say around 25, softly spoken but persistent, dressed casually and wore a white baseball cap, his hair is cut with a fringe and beard and he uses the mobile number ***43810383 and called via whatsapp audio.

This is the Princess Naz profile he uses:












Remember – always be on your guard and trust no one!

Stay Safe – Mistress Kaz xx