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Super Villain On The Loose – Beware!

The latest news brings reports of a crazed super villain on the loose. This dark and deadly female has been known to lure all manner of perverts and deviants to her lair and then hold them captive for hours, whilst she subjects them to the most abhorrent punishments…and all at their own expense. The villainess is […]

Foot Fetish And Wrestling Entrepreneur monkeyboy

Monkeyboy is one of the few kinksters that has turned his fetish into a business. His love of foot fetish and women wrestling and overpowering men has turned him from a secret fetishist into an online entrepreneur who turns people’s fetishes into an on screen world of fantasy. Read on to find out how deepest […]

British Bitches Day Of Fetish

What could be possibly better than a dominatrix wielding a strap on? How about 5 strap on wearing bitches! On 24th November The Sluttery will be presenting ‘Deviant Dommes’ in Watford. In attendance will be the delicious Dakota, sensational Stevie Lou from Babestation, Kinky Katie Sparks, the Luscious Lottie Carmen and myself. We love a […]

Torture Garden Fetish Club

Recently I had the great pleasure of being invited to The Torture Garden Halloween Ball by the amazing Tiffany Snow. Now there is an offer you simply can’t refuse – enjoying an evening in a fetish club with a beautiful blonde! We spent a lot of time choosing our outfits. Tiffany poured her tight, toned […]

Interview With A Strap On Fetishist

Meet Danny. A young chap who enjoys online D/S relationships with dominant Transexual women. What’s quite astonishing about Danny is that he only 21, a tender age to develop a taste for fetish and indeed be ‘owned’, though Danny expresses himself verbally with a maturity far beyond his years. He is also in a vanilla […]

Interview With A Master

Rick is a dominant male and an Ex porn star with a penchant for spanking and gasmasks. Whilst his adult movie days are behind him, he still has a passion for kinky sex and dominating his parters. Masters can often be portrayed as abusive or reckless in the media, yet Rick is certainly evidence against […]

Latex Fetish – Interview

Do you have a latex fetish? You might be able to relate to some of the things in the following interview. *Steven has an ordinary day job and a family, but he closely guards a deep secret that he is only able to share with the dominatrix he visits. For when he clocks off from his […]

Chastity Fetish Interview

Today I interviewed *Levi,  a successful businessmen in his early 40’s from the Netherlands who considers himself as submissive. He has a big fetish for online dommes, financial domination and being locked into chastity. In this wonderfully frank interview, Levi was very open and honest and I am grateful for his willingness to share his secret […]

Interview With A Cross Dresser

I am starting up a series of interviews with fetishists and kinksters to find out more about the personal and private side of kink. Hopefully within these interviews there will be some questions answered that many other fetishists are wondering about. I do hope you find my interviewees as interesting as I do. Today I spoke […]

Fetish Is The New Black

Years ago the word ‘Fetish’ would summon up images of creepy old man in anoraks slapping their salami behind a newspaper whilst wearing a lurid expression. The world has changed substantially in the last 20 years and if you ask someone what they think of when you say the word fetish they will think of […]

Masked Role Play Fetish

Recently I encountered a sub with a very unusual and interesting fetish. Roland has a big thing for mask, gas masks and bandit style handkerchiefs worn around the neck and face so it was a good opportunity to get into a juicy role and play the big bad bitch! We began the role play on […]

Mistress Kaz Rates Your Pathetic Dinky

For some reason many simpering male slaves send me photo’s of their inadequate maggot-esque appendages asking for my opinion. “Is my willy small?” they ask? “Is it big?” I suppose some are hoping for some kind of form of validation, others are yearning to be humiliated, whilst some simply want to show off their little […]

What To Expect From A FemDom Session With Me.

I receive contact from many new subs asking what to expect from a femdom session with myself and what an average session involves. The answer is that there is no average session! Each session is tailored to the individual slave. I like to begin with a list of likes and limits from the sub to […]

Webcam Domination Berkshire

I offer two types of webcam domination for Slaves. The first option is to book a one to one Skype show with me so I can dominate the sub via webcam. We can see and hear each other and my sub can enjoy putting on a show for me or await instructions. In the past […]

Femdom Photo’s

I recently shot with a fantastic Dutch photographer and collaborated with him on some racy images.  The shoot had an erotic Femdom and BDSM theme and I was joined for part of the shoot by a fetish model and slave by the name of Alex who enjoyed submitting to me and made for a fantastic model for […]

Femdom Interrogation Reading

Slave Addy shares a twisted imagination with me and wanted to do a session whereby I played an evil villainess who had captured him. Being a big fan of Marvel, DC and fantasy this was right up my street! I often like to play a little music in my sessions to create an atmosphere and […]

Filmed Femdom Sessions Reading

Do you ever think back to a femdom session that you really enjoyed with a Mistress and wish that you could re-live it? I am now offering slaves and subs the opportunity to obtain a little momento of their session with me and have the session filmed. If you are happy to wear a mask […]

30 Ways To Punish Your Slave

Perhaps you are a reader seeking a few ideas on how to punish your Slave, or perhaps you are a sub who is keen for some little tidbits to feed your Mistress when she is next feeling brutal. Whatever your situation here are a few scenarios and ideas that vary from mild to brutal which […]

Femdom Role Plays Reading

I’ve also had a passion for drama, creativity and acting and often my work is a great outlet for this. Often I am asked by my slaves to come up with a role play scenario for them, which I of course do. Depending on what kind of role I am taking on I will adapt […]

BDSM Aboard Luxury Yacht

Recently one of my Subs took me on vacation with him to Marmaris in Turkey. He spends part of the year there and has his own yacht. It had always been a fantasy of his to have a femdom session aboard his yacht. Whilst I have sessioned with Ralph before, he wasn’t in England at the time […]

5 Extreme Fetishes To Try

You may have recently read my blog ‘5 pain free fetishes to Try’ and thought it far too tame for your needs. So for all the submissive veterans and pain freaks I have compiled a list of 5 extreme fetishes t0 really push your limits and take you to the edge. Some of these fetishes […]

Femdom Chelsea Trio

A few of my slaves had been longing for a duo or tantalising trio so I planned a day in Sloane Avenue near Chelsea in London with my gorgeous blonde friend Dakota and a stunning red head from Babestation called Stevie. I have dommed Subs with Dakota many times in the past but had not […]

Good Slave Bad Slave

This is a game I recently played with some Subs of mine when I was feeling particularly fiendish. In this session my Subs were bi so I introduced bi elements to the session. Slave Sindy was into humiliation, voyeurism and being teased.  Slave Steven is heavily into bi play.  This is how the game went – I […]

Reading Cross Dressing

Cross dressing and Slut Training often go hand in hand and the two fetishes compliment each other beautifully! Here’s an account from a recent session! I picked up the phone the other day to the sweetest girly voice! “Hello I’m Nathan” said the voice “But you can call me Nancy or Nancy Boy or anything […]

5 Pain Free Fetishes To Try

Domination need not be about pain, so you can safely dip your toe in the world of fetish and try a few exciting new things without having to succumb to more extreme practises. Just explain this to your Mistress and check that you are both on the same page. It might take a while to […]

30 Ways To Make Your Sub More Submissive

Here are some techniques and things that can be done to ensure that your Slave feels more Submissive to you. Control every aspect of his being. Break everything down into small chunks and supervise his every action whilst informing him how he can improve and do it better. Verbal control can be just as powerful […]

Zora’s Release – S&M Part 3

This is the third and final part in Zora’s servitude at Princesses lair. I hope you enjoy the twist at the end 🙂 It was late and the stars twinkled beyond the skylight as Zora dressed for her Mistress. She drank a sweet red wine from the silver chalice that Maid had brought her earlier. […]

Strap On Training My Sub

A Sub from oop North was eager to undertake some strap on training with me. He had practised with toys by himself but longed for the expert touch of a Mistress to enhance his abilities. He also decided he would like part of the session filmed so I agreed that I would use the video […]

Slave Training London

Are you a Slave in urgent need of training? You could be a sissy longing to become more feminine and knowledge in the arts of transforming yourself into a glamour queen. You could be a Slave with behavioural problem who is desperate to be learn to be more obedient and learn how to please his […]

Hogspy Fetish Resource

Do you find the mainstream news more than a little tedious? You are looking in the wrong places – head over to Hogspy.  It is an excellent site to find fetish news from around the world. They post interviews and write well written articles on Mistresses, up and coming events, Mistresses looking for filming slaves and […]

Dungeon Day Domination N15

Dear Subs, Slaves and Sluts, I now have an update for you on the Dungeon Day at The Serpent Rooms on Wednesday 3rd August. You will be able to book sessions for ones to ones, duos and trios from 1:30 -7:15 pm. A deposit guarantees you place and  can be paid via bank transfer or […]

Dommes In North London

Many worthy Subs come to The Sluttery to session with myself and Mistress Sin, but occasionally it’s fun to plan something a little bit special with some extra magic. For our next trick we will be hosting Femdom sessions at The Serpent Room in N15 with a special guest – Porn Star and strict Mistress […]

London Fetish

London and fetish are two words that go together like Romeo and Juliet,  Love and Marriage and Anthony and Cleopatra. In the UK when it comes to fetish London is the throbbing heart that beats wildly and attracts visitors from all over the world. Look around and you’ll see hard concrete everywhere, unless you are by […]

BDSM London

London is an absolute hub of kinky delights. The city is abundant with many fetish clubs for those who enjoy a more alternative lifestyle. Singles and couples alike can enjoy the rich fetish scene and experience a BDSM lifestyle at clubs like Decadence, Toppers, Pedestal and Torture Garden to name just a few. The London […]

Slaves Humiliation On Webcam

Some of my subs crave humiliation and sometimes it’s just not enough for them to feel embarrassed in front of me. In these instances I suggest I pop my webcam on live so that they can enjoy an entire audience tuning in to watch their punishment and depraved activities. This appeals to the exhibitionistic streak […]

Tie, Tease and Anal Play

I enjoy blending erotic play like tie and tease with other elements such as cross dressing, anal play, face sitting or trampling. Tie and tease can take place anywhere that you can comfortable tie somebody down. Sometimes I may use a bed but today I opted to start with a chair. I blindfolded my sub […]

Mind Control

Subs crave domination for different reasons and in different forms. Lets take a look at some of the different ways a slave might enjoy being dominated. Strict BDSM The Slave craves abuse, verbal humiliation and pain. He may enjoy being told he is inferior, pathetic, worthless and love to have his Mistress rule supreme and […]

The Sissy Slut’s Guide

Have you always dreamed of being glamorous and feminine but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you long for a full transformation and long to be a true sissy slut. In this guide I will tell you how to achieve the perfect inner and outer goddess. You won’t even be able to recognise yourself […]

Slave’s Humiliation In Reading

My pain slut sissy longed to be abused and utterly humiliated. This is what happened on a rainy afternoon in Reading….   I guided him into my lair and ordered him to strip. He complied knowing that resistance would be both futile and dangerous. Pushing him roughly into the chair I tightly bound his wrists […]


Poppers current status – Legal. Poppers is the name given to the group of alkyl nitrites (formerly amyl nitrate before the original version was banned) which are taken for recreational purposes. Many that indulge in poppers take them for sexual purposes as it can heighten the orgasm and lower inhibitions. Personally they don’t interest me […]

BDSM Versus Fetish

Whilst many Subs have fetishes not all fetishists are devout Subs. They may have some Submissive tendencies and enjoy power play but may be not be into the more extreme side of BDSM and domination. BDSM stands for Bondage and Sadomasichism whereas a fetish is the fixation for a sexual act, concept, theme or object. Part […]

Secret Life Of The Human Pups

Have you ever found yourself feeling curious about puppy play? Or ever wondered why this is becoming such a popular fetish now? The Secret Life Of The Human Pups documentary airs Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4 and promises to give you an insight into the world of fetishists that desire a more animalistic lifestyle. The […]

BDSM & Filming in Barnet Dungeon

Thank you to everyone who came to mine and Mistress Sin’s dungeon day in Barnet last week. We had a terrific time filming and giving discipline to our wayward Slaves. Not a great deal of correction was needed as our Slaves are well trained, but we often find reasons to punish our Subs simply for […]

Foot Fetish

It’s funny isn’t how much of society view various fetishes differently? For some a strap-on fetish or cross dressing may be weird and for others those are fine by the concept of having a foot fetish may be odd.  I say as long as it’s consensual and between two adults what should it matter! It’s […]

Water Sports Reading

One of my Subs once said to me that if Water Sports was an Olympic sport that I would be a gold medalist! Whilst I can’t see this ever taking off at the British Olympics (sadly) it’s good to know that I am at least a champion amongst my Subs! What is Water Sports you […]

Fetish Sessions North London

Hello Slaves, Submissives, deviants and bitches! I have just returned from a glorious break in Cyprus to recharge the batteries and rejuvenate my femdom powers. It’s been a lovely break away luxuriating on sun kissed beaches and enjoying the sun beating down on my body. I have a few femdom stories for you, but will […]

Berkshire Mistress Mummification

My Slave Georgio is a very advanced submissive and is a fabulous subject for pain play and torment. Knowing that I would be trampling Georgio in the session, I wore my leather knee high boots with stiletto heels which would leave some lovely imprints on his stomach so that he could have a lasting momento […]

Berkshire Mistresses Fetish

Mistresses tend to be purveyors of fetish and that is certainly true for Queen Of Sin and I. We love to dabble and immerse ourselves fully in the arts of femdom. There is nothing more than having a restrained Sub, or a Slave grovelling on his hands and knees or a sweet little sissy dressed […]