Book Launch 28th February – Sordid Secrets

Just under a year ago Sordid Secrets was a mere twinkle in my eye and after many hours of typing away, editing, editing again and finalising all the little details for the launch, the big day is almost here.

The book will be available on Kindle, Amazon Prime and Kobo as well as appearing in paperback under the publishing house Steele-Roses.

Sordid Secrets tells a story from the viewpoint of a dominant female Mistress, a submissive female and a submissive male when their worlds collide and descend into abject debauchery.

Will Amy decide she prefers a feminine touch? Will Hugh’s marriage break down over his lust filled desires? At the centre of it all stands the Lady Athena. Will she lost control or will she manage to take hold of the reigns and play her subs like naughty little puppets?

Find out in Sordid Secrets

Signed copies and personal messages available. Contact me with your enquiry.

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