It’s an extremely exciting time of year in the run up to all the different award ceremonies that are taking place in the autumn.  There is the Paul Raymond Awards and UK Adult Producers (UKAP) Awards that pay tribute to the finest adult performers in the industry, and of course The UK Glamour Awards which celebrates the most outstanding established models and rising stars in the industry.

There are many merits to be involved with companies like these and especially during Award season.  Paul Raymond has been long established and has hosted yearly ceremonies and the yearly entrants see increasingly improved work prospects.


UKAP is a brand that has the performer welfare embedded deeply in it’s heart and the publicity surrounding the awards has been a valuable boost to performers year after year. The awards are attended by some of  the most successful performers and industry experts such as Ben Dover, Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie and many more.

UkAP Awards











UK Glamour AwardsThe UK Glamour Awards focuses on boosting the profiles of those in more glamour related roles such as mainstream models, reality tv and lingerie modelling to name a few, and with their heavy social media presence and big brand sponsors creating a buzz, entrants will find a significant boost to their brands.

The more business minded girls in the industry have recognised the significance of becoming involved with companies like these and are taking full advantage of the leg-up it gives them. However, as someone who takes in an interest in all of these different arenas I have noticed a little negativity from a few who do not quite seem to grasp the full potential of being associated with these big name brands.

In a horribly public car crash style scenario, one known performer disparaged the PRP and UKAP Awards, urging her fans not to attend and labelled them a ‘waste of time’ mocking with a condescending tone “Leave it to the newbies”. Surprisingly, this was a performer who had in fact entered and won a UKAP award in 2014. One could quite easily speculate on her sudden U-turn, but it’s irrelevant.  The point is she figuratively threw the gasoline on either side of the bridge and burnt it to a crisp when there really was no need.

I have also spotted other models saying “I only have 10k Twitter follows so I won’t bother” or “One girl has 3000 votes all ready – I’ll never beat that so I won’t try.”

The thing is, this kind of psychology is extremely self defeatist. If you never try at something because you are convinced you won’t win, then you won’t win! It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, and more to the point you won’t reap the many benefits that are involved with such an event.

The point to these awards is not just to covet and win the crown and parade like a beauty pageant queen. The  point is to get actively involved, let your fans know that you are a nominee and use it as a vessel to promote yourself. It’s an honour to be nominated alongside those who are considered the best in that category – so instead of being dismissive – use it to it’s potential! Tell your fans you are excited to be involved and get them excited too! Promote the brands that have endorsed you. The more involved you are, the more publicity that is in it for you.

Terry Stephens, Head Of UKAP emphasises the value of getting involved with the awards “The awards are the best time to meet and connect with others. To be out of sight is to be out of mind. If you are in the business, then it’s the place to be seen as an annual event.”

I was inspired to write this blog as it saddens me to see so many models and performers with great potential miss out on giving their careers the boost they deserve.

If these companies have spotted you amongst the thousands of girls online, then you have done something right already. So why not magnify your brand and let it be seen by thousands more. Always be the best you can be, avoid online spats and make use of all the tools available to you. Achieving these simple things is half the battle.

There is no award for best networker, but practise it daily and you’ll always be a winner!

To anyone who has entered the awards I wish you the best of luck and for anyone who hasn’t you can follow these brands and find out more how to get involved at the links below.

Enter the UK Glamour Awards  or attend the exclusive celebrity studded  awards 

Bookmark the UKAP awards, attend the party and network the night away!

Visit the Paul Raymond Awards and party with big names in the business