The Fetish Studio Reading – A Kinkster’s Paradise!

If you enjoy dabbling in fetish and are in easy reach of Berkshire then you must put The Fetish Studio in Reading on your bucket list!

The studio is in a residential area and not the kind of place you would imagine a dungeon to be. If you didn’t know it was there then you would never guess that this was the entrance to another world where kinky antics are commonplace! Once you are through the garden gate, you walk across a lawn and then up a long winding stone staircase which takes you into a mini wilderness. As you reach the top there stands a custom built Norwegian log cabin which is shrouded by trees to lend it an air of privacy. It doesn’t come much more discreet than this and it makes the perfect location for a heavy dose of kink!

The Studio is owned by professional domme, Lady Trinity and her husband Mike and they had the cabin built many years ago as a place where they could indulge in kinky pleasures away from prying eyes. Once kinksters started to find out about the cabin, everyone wanted to use the playroom and it turned into an overnight business.

Mike gave me a tour of the studio and I was like a kid in a sweet shop as he excitedly opened drawers and showed me different toys, gizmo’s and gadgets and explained what each piece did. Mike is an extremely affable fellow and is an absolute expert in the field of BDSM and domination. Until now, I thought I had seen everything there was to see in the world of fetish, but Mike was able to educate me and show me things I had never seen before. One of these things was a bizarre steel anal speculum and another item was a chastity cage that had a pee funnel attached to it, so that the slave can urinate only through a tube.

This really is a Willy Wonka’s factory for adults and I was blown away by the sheer variety of props, BDSM furniture and implements of pain and pleasure that is available to use.


There were a couple of pieces of equipment that I was particularly impressed with. One was a custom built suspension unit which allows your to strap in your subject and suspend them from the ceiling upside down.

The black metal throne was a feature that I fell in love with instantly, it is hand carved and an elegant piece of craftsmanship. Seated in the chair, I quite at home in and felt like Queen Cersei from Game Of Thrones resting in the Iron throne! There are also racks of canes, whips, paddles, straps, tawse and dressage whips for disciplining your submissive! Let us not miss out the many restraints, electrics, chastity devices, wax candles, needles and just about every possibly perverse delight you could dream of  – and more besides!

Many of the items can be used to tease, torment and give your slave peaks of pleasure, or if you prefer you can restrain your delinquent slave in a whole multitude of different manners and subject them to beautifully torturous delights that will have them moaning with pleasure one minute and shrieking the next.

One thing that struck me about The Fetish Studio is that it’s a far cry from the stereotypical dark and dreary dungeon you tend to see. They have veered away from the traditional black morbid look and opted instead for warms woods and soft ambient lighting. This is an inviting and clever design that really makes each piece of equipment stand out as a beautiful feature. The St Andrews Cross is stood in front of a red Japanese screen and this adds a flash of colour but still keeps the tone classy.  Every single feature has been well thought out and the equipment is well maintained, sterile and extremely diverse. There is even a shower, WC and hairdryer as well as a reception area with facilities for tea and food.

If you want to enjoy an overnight stay for an extended session of twisted fun, you can make us of the conveniently stored bed that folds down from the wall. Of course, dogs should not be allowed on beds so there is a steel cage in which you can lock up your slave overnight to ensure he doesn’t get any ideas and continue play time without you,

If you have a fondness for fetish then you will feel as if you are in your seventh heaven in this kinkster’s paradise. There is so much to explore, investigate and enjoy that you won’t have a dull moment!

The Fetish Studio is aprox town minutes from Reading town centre and prices start from £40 for an hour or £150-£200 for an overnight stay.

I’m looking to return to the studio soon with some slaves in tow. If you would like to join me for an afternoon of debauchery in the dungeon, get in touch with me and I will take you to your darkest fantasies and beyond!

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