This isn’t exactly the latest news, but quite remarkable so I thought I would write a blog about it.

The name Adolf Hitler doesn’t exactly inspire thoughts of rainbows and sunshine but his name has become muckier than ever according to 2016 reports. 

It is claimed that Hitler forced his own niece Geli Raubal into kinky sex games which involved her brutalising him and kicking him repeatedly. Then she would be coerced into standing over the dictator and opening her bowels (an act known as coprophilia)  – much to his merriment and twisted desires. 

Dr Walter C Langer wrote a psychology profile of the Nazi leader for American intelligence and this was later leaked, revealing his sordid fetishes.

I can’t imagine there are many people that would struggle with giving the tyrant a good kicking, but more shockingly it is believed that Adolf also enjoyed degrading women and assaulting them. 

The Führer has gone down in history as one of the most nefarious villains to walk the planet. Infamous for gassing 6 million jews, these depraved and nocuous sex games must have been a walk in the park comparatively. 

The history books reveal that Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias, which resulted in his penis being shrivelled and deformed and just one of his testicles full developing. It is claimed that he could urinate only through a small hole through the base of his shaft. This supposedly led to the birth of the infamous song about Hitler only having one ball. Other historians refute this and claim that the story is a load of balls!

Could there be some truth to this though? Could Hitler’s intense rages and obsession with power and conquering all in fact be a result of malformed appendage? Back in the late 30’s and 1940’s there would have not been as good a level of therapy available to those suffering hideous conditions. Also remember the internet was not even yet a twinkle in someone’s eye, so the oppressor would have had no benchmark and would have felt all alone with his medical condition.

Could this have led him to develop a  schizoid and dark triad narcissistic personality disorder, which left him compelled to overcompensate in the most heinous of ways? Or was Hitler born with a maleficent personality, a malignant usurper that can only be described as a demon in a man’s body?

One could even speculate that Hitlers intense desire to be debased and degraded to such an extreme level was born of self hatred though I cast my doubts upon this.

It’s clear that Hitler’s relationship with fetish was not a healthy one and is far cry from the BDSM scene today where safety is paramount. 

We’ll probably never gain a precise profile of the psychology of Adolf Hitler, but Dr Langer’s report summons up some fascinating speculations.

A point that is key for me here, it is not a crime that Hitler had fetishes (however questionable some of them might be). The crime was in his abuse of non consenting parties, which perhaps led to the suicide of his Mistress (in the non BDSM sense) Eva Braun.