Relocating to Reading has been everything I hoped it would be and the slaves are probably even kinkier than ever!

I’ve enjoyed some wonderful sessions with submissive slaves since I moved here, but one that particularly stands out is a session I did with Slave Nancy.

Nancy is a big fan who is always sending me Amazon gifts from my wish list. When we finally sessioned together I got to try on all my beautiful PVC and model it, as well as experimenting with some of the great toys and devices he has sent me.

Nancy also brought a kinky little pink and black apron to wear which read SLUT across the front. A black leather hood seemed the appropriate choice to team with his little apron. The addiction of a black leather collar and a silver chain leash ensured that slut was looking every inch the submissive slut he yearned to be.

Slave confessed to me that his nipples were particularly sensitive and open to pain. With that in mind I clipped three clothes pegs to each nipple then slowly pulled at them and pinched the base of each peg to make the punishment more challenging for Slave.  I informed him that he would wear these for the entire session, so that when he went home he would have a nice reminder of me –  and his nipples would tingle for hours afterwards!

The highlight of the session was using the humbler that slave had bought me previously. A humbler is a device consisting of two planks of wood which screw together. The planks clamp tightly round the balls and can be tightened to resemble a vice. Once the humbler is tight, you can adjust it and pulled it around the back of the slaves legs, so that he is unable to completely stand.

Slave was very experienced with this kind of device so I slowly tightened it as far as it would go, then positioned it to ensure that Slaves movement was restricted. When in place, I tugged on Nancy’s lead and ordered him to rise. Watching him try do so was hilarious. The humbler pulled tightly against his balls and he was unable to stand completely upright. Instead he stooped like one of Dracula’s servants.

In many of the old horror movies, there is often a stooping crony with a sinister glare that answers the door and gives the visitor a sense of foreboding. This is exactly what Nancy reminded me of! I almost wished I was based in a sinister old castle, and that some would knock the door so I could send my pet Slave to answer it! Can you imagine their faces if the door opened to see a stooping slave in a gimp mask wearing a collar and pinny!

I may just change slave’s name to Igor!

With slave looking so submissive, I felt the urge to increase his torment and walked him around my bedroom on a leash. Each step he took was painfully slow and deliberate, ensuring that he did not catch his balls further in the device. It was quite hilarious to watch and the whole experience was extremely humbling for Igor!

Enjoy the photo’s from the session and do feel free to contact me should you possess a strong desire to be humbled!