Why It's OK To Wear Fetish Clothing In PublicFetish Clothing  Has Never Been So Popular!

Until recently it was only the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna and similar suitably rich and eccentric celebrities that wore fetish clothing in public.

Latex, PVC, chains and spikes were saved for secrets nights out at some of London’s most kinkiest fetish clubs.

If like me, you avoid being follower of fashion and prefer to make your own rules when it comes to clothing, you have probably heard the phrase “You’re not wearing that out are you? Not in public!”

When it comes to how to attire you body, the less open-minded seem to feel entitled to comment on your clothing choices and try to persuade you otherwise.  You may not even be showing an excess of cleavage or leg, but because the fabric you choose to swathe around your being is associated with kinky goings on, it can be seen as seedy or inappropriate.  Its a double standard when you consider that women totter around in every city in sky high heels and mini dresses. However a latex dress – that’s just too outrageous!

Fetish Wear Has Hit The High Street!

Luckily, market trends have a major influence over high street retailers, which then sees a rise in those products being manufactured and sold in the UK.  Many high street stores have caught on to the fact that PVC is ultimately uber cool and sensational to wear! From Miss Selfridge to River Island, PVC skirts, leggings, jackets, and PVC trimmed handbags are all showcased in their glory and beckoning to you from the rails. The scintillating fabrics shine on their hangers, like a welcoming beacon just begging to be worn!

http://uk-fetish.co.uk/fetish-new-black/Whilst somewhere more specialists such as Honour would be preferred for your special event outfits, a simple trip to the high street can be just perfect for your Friday night outfit!

Economically this is a good move too. If you are a regular buyer of fetish wear, you’ll know how expensive it would be to kit out your entire wardrobe from online fetish specialists. Yet on the high street you can come home with a couple bagfuls of decadent goodies for a £150! It’s likely to stand the test of time too if you choose wisely and look for items that are well stitched.

I’ve never considered myself a slave to fashion and I’ve always chosen to wear whatever I liked. This market trend has just made it a little more acceptable.

There’s no need to allow fashion and fashionistas to dictate what you wear, how or where you wear it.  Be yourself, wear what you desire and do it with style!


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