Years ago the word ‘Fetish’ would summon up images of creepy old man in anoraks slapping their salami behind a newspaper whilst wearing a lurid expression.

Cartoon Flasher

The world has changed substantially in the last 20 years and if you ask someone what they think of when you say the word fetish they will think of sexy outfits, rubber and latex, kinky parties, and sexual freedom.

The Fetish industry is far more removed from seedy connotations than it’s ever been.  In fact it’s become something enjoyed a great deal by the elite, the middle classes and the lower classes. It’s a world that unites people of every class and colour, where there are no dividers  – the world of fetish is a great leveller!

So why does fetish appeal to such a wide audience from the working class to the elite?

Quite simply, everyone has sexual needs, quirks and kinks regardless of their social status.  Clever marketing has also made it possible for fetish products and events to be easy obtainable regardless of your bank balance.  Ann Summers is a good example of a kinky store that appeals to your average housewife. Most items are affordable and the stores are very easy to access with them being conveniently located on the high street.

Fetish parties are now also a lot easier to visit too. Kinksters are no longer forced to creep around a back alley and down a side street into a seedy looking den with beer stains all over the carpet. Now fetish events are held in beautiful locations, well know clubs and at people’s houses where the party goers are encouraged to dress to impress! You can find all kinds of events from those catering for straight or bisexual people through to those that focus on specific fetishes such as foot worship, water sports and rubber to name a few.

Fetish Is The New Black

Everyone views fetish different and when asked what my favourite fetish is I struggle to answer as for me diversity keeps it exciting. If I am honest though, a big part of it for me is the dressing up. It excites me to buy a new kinky device and test it out or piece of latex or a kinky little costume and try it on. I love the way all the different fabrics feel and how they look different on.  Mark Twain once said “Clothes maketh the man” and how true this is. The minute I step into different outfits I feel I take on different moods. One outfit may make me feel strict and stern and another sensual and teasing. It is the way the outfit makes you feel and the role you take on. It can enhance your feelings or slightly alter them even.


Fetish Is The New Black

For others, their focus of pleasure may be receiving or administering a spanking, and someone else might go wild for watersports. At the core of it the fetish is usually about how it makes them feel. The subject may want to feel slutty or humiliated. they might want to feel degraded, empowered or comforted.

Occasionally when I have a new sub visit me for a taster session they are not sure what they want to try, so I ask them one question which is “How do you want to feel?” When I get their answer I will then know what they might enjoy or how the session will go. If they want to feel slutty I may dress them and have them suck my strap on. if they want to be humiliated then there will be a lot of verbal as well as humiliating tasks, if they want to feel safe and secure I may infantilise them.

It’s important to be able to read people well as different fetishes will give people different feelings. For example one sub may enjoy face sitting as it makes him feel vulnerable and powerless.  It might be different for another though and my sub Toby is a good example of this. Whilst straddling my slaves face and pinning him down so my PVC leggings were pressed tight against his face I asked him “How does it make you feel to be trapped between your Mistresses thighs.” he replied “It makes me feel safe Mistress.”

If you are keen to enter the world of fetish and not sure what to try  – decide first how you want to feel and the rest will follow. Other than that, experiment safely and enjoy!