Uk Fetish Visits Eureka Lifestyle

A naturists paradise

If you are novice when it comes to swinging then the words ‘Swingers Club’ may conjure up images of sweaty bodies tangled on the dance floor and groping hands wandering as they try to grasp anything within their reach. This stereotype is an outdated and unrealistic idea of what swinging clubs actually embody. Whilst you might still find this kind of club in a run down part of your major cities if you try hard enough, most swinging clubs cater for those who seek pleasure in a tasteful environment. If it is class, ambience and charm that ticks all the boxes for you, then you will find Eureka the best club in the UK.

Last weekend we were invited down to the club by the owner Michael to take a look around and do a photoshoot in the grounds. The entire experience was an absolute pleasure. Nothing is too much trouble for guests at Eureka and you are made to feel extremely welcome.


Right Domme Jessika Blake and a friend

Me right and make up artist on the left

Eureka Lifestyle club is in a class of it’s own and is a relaxing retreat for those seeking a short break away within an open minded community. It’s a place where you can go to unwind, escape the hectic pace of everyday life and should the desire take ahold of you – partake in hedonistic sex sessions in the clean and well equipped playroom at the club.

Coined as ‘The Couples room’ only couples and females are permitted entry to the playroom so you can indulge in pleasures of the flesh without unwanted interruption. I briefly popped into the couple’s room to see what goes on and sensual love making was the order of the day.  There is a mutual unwritten understanding that guests should be respectful of each other’s boundaries at all times and that a gentle rejection by those who do not wish to play should be taken graciously.  Some couples at the event enjoy voyeurism and watching other couples at play and of course you have those who are exhibionists and love to put on a thrilling display.  Some couples may choose to swap partners but this is by no means compulsory and the whole club vibe is built upon freedom and mutual respect.


Outside of the couples room, this could just as easily be a masquerade ball or a party set in grounds that scream opulence and luxury. There is no rush for couples to engage themselves in saucy activities and all are content to mingle and relax into the wee hours of the morning. Swingers flock to this hidden sanctuary where they can sunbathe, swim, relax by the pool or even enjoy a hot steaming jacuzzi bath in one of the two jacuzzis which each hold up to 8 people.  

Onsite , there are comfortable chalets so you can make an entire weekend of it or even have some saucy fun with your new found playmates in complete privacy. The beds are so comfortable you could just sink into the mattress and lose yourself in it completely, though no doubt you would be tempted out of your slumber by legendary foam parties and it’s another dimension to the brand that allows guests to enjoy a hedonist lifestyle in a fun fuelled environment. What better way to break the ice then to get naked and cover yourself from head to toe in slippery foam!

Some party-goers dress in mix of skimpy fishnets, nipple tassles and heels by night which conceals very little, whilst others wear shorts or little black dresses. There is no set dress code and guests can come nude if that floats their boat!

By day, the club has an entirely different vibe and is favoured by naturists who take the opportunity to be at one with mother nature and bask in the open air of the grounds in their birthday suits.  One fella was strolling along wearing nothing but a cock ring around his nethers and not one person batted an eyelid. There really is a sense of come as you are and as long as it’s all consensual then anything goes.


The Dungeon

Those of a more kinky persuasion, favour the Sunday parties at Eureka which run from 2am until 10pm. Just about every fetish is included from rope play through to vacuum packed slaves. This is definitely my scene so I am looking forward to attending one of these parties myself with an entourages of Slaves on a leash.

Of course, if you wish to experiment and dip your toe into the waters of fetish but are not quite ready to undergo the full fetish experience, then you might enjoy the private fetish dungeon which has an impressive array of equipment and you can fulfil all your kinky desires without a keen audience.

Eureka really is an idyllic escape from everyday life and you will be met with nothing less than enthusiasm. It’s a place of fantasy where you can live out your wildest dreams or simply relax and watch the world go by.

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