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Dreaming In The Dark


Dreaming in the dark is my third book and the second book in the Lady Athena series.

If you enjoyed Sordid Secrets and was left wanting more, Dreaming in the Dark is the background story that reveals Athena’s inner struggles, desperate plight and her rise to success.  Of course, you can expect plenty of kinky scenarios with Athena back in the dungeon, dishing out punishments.

It’s a romance, but not as you might quite expect. I’ve thrown ripped up the rulebook, stamped on it a few times and thrown it out! These are romances that are bent out of proportion, twisted and speckled heavily with kink! Life is not a fairytale, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be magical moments.

If you enjoy drama, steamy scenes and dark humour, this books for you!

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