Thou Shalt Obey Your Mistress

Obey Your Mistress

Sit and Obey – Obedience Training For The Feral Male.

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I’ll encounter a sub who does not quite grasp the natural pecking order during session time. I suppose not every sub has an IQ big enough to fathom simple logistics and rules, but it is easy to teach them good behaviour with a variation of Pavlov’s Dog experiment.

It’s simple, if a slave is sessioning with me, I respect their limits but also expect good behaviour, obedience and good manners. Once a slave shows any form of disrespect whether physical or verbal and intentional or not –  they lose my respect. I give one warning, then if the slave continues to re-offend they will be punished painfully…regardless whether pain is on their list of likes.

I have had a couple of slaves ask me for tie and tease sessions with only a little pain. Then when I do exactly what they enjoy and tease them – they have called me a bitch or similar or have attempted to do something outside of my limits. My limits are very clear and slaves are reminded of my limits before the session starts. This leaves me with no choice but to give them a nice hard slap on the cock or balls. If they enjoy cock slapping with the hand, I’ll use something harder like a paddle or a sharp stinging crop as I don’t want them to enjoy it, this is a punishment. If they are of the foolish variety, they may rebel harder for a short time and use a verbally abusive word. However this delinquent behaviour is always short lived as the punishment is increased each time. Be under no delusions – justice will be served, appropriately, swiftly and with relevance.  This is called Pavlovian conditioning – teaching your human pet to associate something with a consequence – be it positive or negative. If you consistently punish a slave for bad behaviour, even the most dim witted of subs will soon learn to associate disobedience with pain and will learn to rectify their behaviour. The odd reward for good behaviour now and again will reinforce the message that it just makes sense to keep Mistress Happy! They will soon learn to OBEY.

If you wish to be a regular slave or have a repeat session always be respectful to your Mistress or you run the risk of a punishment you didn’t want, or her point blank refusing to see you again.

There is something quite pleasing about bringing down a riding crop hard on a slave’s most sensitive bits, so if your Mistress feels that you have not acknowledged a verbal warning then you need to accept responsibility for the consequences and take your punishment like a good boy.

This is the natural order. A Mistress is your superior during session time. A perfect slave is humble, grateful for his Mistresses time and attention and is careful not to displease her.

Subs take note and if your behaviour needs rectifying, I will glad train those bad habits out of your with my arsenal of fetish equipment.

You have been warned 😉