Daily Sport Columnist Kaz BIt is an absolute honour to be joining the ranks of The Daily Sport as a columnist. Writing is a real passion of mine and having been in the modelling, entertainment and fetish industry for over 10 years, it is a real pleasure to be able to share my years of experience and knowledge with their readership. 

In this latest venture I will be acting as an agony aunt and advisor to the readers of The Daily Sport. The Daily Sport is a prominent men’s periodical that has been running for over 25 years. The paper has often been the first on the scene with the hottest scoops and also has some of the biggest rising stars and celebrities onboard, such as Britain’s Flashiest Playboy columnist Danny Lambo. 

My column will be offering advice to readers of The Daily Sport and acting as an agony aunt for those seeking advice on sexual matters, dating, relationships or anything within the realms of the modelling and fetish industries.  

As a dominatrix I encounter all manner of kinksters and many of those struggle to accept their fetish and suffer from shame and guilt. Society has conditioned us to follow social norms and conform to expected ideals. Going against the grain and expressing yourself in a manner which contradicts these old fashioned values is often met with derision, scorn and contempt. However, just because something is the the accepted norm, it is not the only path available to you. As long as you are not harming another, no one has the right to dictate how you live your private life. I see shame as a result of society’s attempt  to brainwash and regulate us as a whole.

 We are expected to fit the mould which is one size fits all. This is unrealistic and I aim to break down these myths and out of date values, which only serve to oppress and confine us.

You might be wondering whether it’s normal to want to adorn yourself from head to toe in rubber, or how to introduce fetish into the bedroom. You may even be wondering how to embark upon a career in fetish or glamour. It can be extremely difficult to find the right person to ask these questions, and even harder to find someone you can trust in who is non judgemental. Your worries are finally over. Mistress Kaz is here to answer all your voracious questions.

I am absolutely delighted to given this magnificent opportunity and look forward with great pleasure, to engaging with the readers of the Daily Sport.

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