The Thrill Of The Dungeon!

Sessioning in a dungeon has a slightly different feel to it than a domestic setting.  For one, there is all that wonderful shiny BDSM equipment that is crying out to be used! It longs to hold and hug a submissive close as the leather straps fasten tightly around the pale flesh of ankles, wrists and even more tender areas such as the neck and stomach.

It’s a wonder to behold a slave who is tethered and bound, wearing just a cock ring and ball gag. The submissive is completely at your mercy and becomes your object, your plaything to do with as you will.

Seeing the fear and sweet ecstasy in a slave’s face when you order them to gaze only into your eyes is thrilling when they have no other choice but to obey and please their Mistress, or face the penalty for disobedience.

I have many favourite pieces that I love to use and the spanking bench is always extremely popular, although anything with restraints is more exciting than a BDSM virgin could possibly imagine.

Once the sub is restrained the games can begin and whether it’s impact play, hot wax or a strap on that gets you going, it is really like being like a kid in a sweet shop with so many options available.

If you have never sessioned in a dungeon before then this may just be the new and exciting territory that is waiting to be explored by you! Whether you wish to  dip your toe into fetish or long to become the David Attenborough of kink and discover every possible wonder that exists – make sure it is on your bucket list!



Book your Dungeon session this Wednesday 13th December at The Fetish Studio in Reading with myself and Miss Amber West!

The evening kicks off at 7pm and runs through till 11am in the morning.  Book a half hour, an hour or a long intensive session!

1 hour duo £220

1 hour DUO  filmed (with mask) 150

1 hour one to one £150

30 Minutes Duo £140


Mistress Kaz


Miss Amber West














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