Zora’s Release – S&M Part 3

This is the third and final part in Zora’s servitude at Princesses lair. I hope you enjoy the twist at the end ūüôā

It was late and the stars twinkled beyond the skylight as Zora dressed for her Mistress. She drank a sweet red wine from the silver chalice that Maid had brought her earlier. She was starting to find herself now and looked forward to her Mistresses visits more and with less apprehension. As she dressed she wondered what Mistress might have in store for her this evening. She admired the pink PVC stockings and then pulled them up over her legs allowing them to sit on her silky thighs. Next came the short latex skirt and matching latex bra Рboth in baby pink. Swirling her long red hair she smiled at her reflection, admiring the swell of her bust and her shapely legs. Mistress would be pleased. There was a knock at the door which startled her. She was disappointed that it was not her Mistress entering the room but was pleased to see Maid, her new companion nonetheless.

“Here we are petal. A top up on the vino, dutch courage.” maid winked.

“Thank you Maid.What does Mistress have in store for me.”

“That I don’t know. What ever pops into her head I believe.”

Zora smiled and trembled slightly. The door flung open once more and there before her Princess stood. Today she wore red thigh high boots, a lace up red PVC dress which clung to her curves and a leather bracelet with protruding spikes. She looked every inch in charge of the situation and Zora sank to her knees and bowed her head as she had learned to do so in the presence of her Mistress.

“Slave Zora, you look very pretty. My slave is going to enjoy himself a great deal.”

Zora blinked up at her Mistress in anticipation.

“I have a surprise for you slave. I have another sub, Enter the room slave.”

A naked man crawled into the room on his hands and knees. Zora was pleasantly surprised to see that he was extremely good looking with short sun kissed hair and a beautiful tan. Of course she would have been prepared to please her Mistress given any situation but this was a bonus.

“Slave Lars, crawl to Slave Zora and kiss her feet all over.”

Lars crawled towards the flamed haired damsel with his head bowed. He lowered his head and started to kiss her feet all over. Zora was a little ticklish but knew not to giggle in front of Mistress. It felt quite pleasurable actually. This all seemed too easy and then just as she started to really get into it her Mistress decided to change tack.

“Good boy Lars. Excellent worshipping of Zora’s feet. I suppose she owes you now.”

Princess turned to Zora. “Make him hard Zora.”

Zora daintily took hold of Lars member and started to gently lick it.

“More passionately slave, it’s not a Mr Whippy!”

Zora jumped as her Mistress bellowed and offered a hurried “Yes Mistress” ¬†before wrapping her lips around Lars’ 10 inches and sucking as if her life depended on it.

Princess allowed her to carry on before she heard Lars start to breathe a little too heavily and interrupted. ¬†“Bored now Slaves! Stop.”

The two slaves pulled away from each other quickly and sprang to attention.

Princess threw a butt plug to Zora and instructed “Insert this into Lar’s behind.”

Lars bent over a nearby chair and Zora tried to gingerly slip the butt plug in.

“With a little force Zora! Haven’t you learnt anything yet? It’s not going to go in if you pussy about. Do it properly or it’s 6 strikes of the cane for you!”

As much as she loved pleasing her Mistress, the cane definitely wasn’t Zora’s favourite thing and she daren’t put Princess too the test. With more force she pushed the butt plug until it popped into Lars’ bottom.

“Now put this cock ring on him” instructed Princess.

Zora took the red band and pulled it over his cock and balls and pulled it tight. His cock responded by popping up towards the ceiling and Zora suppressed a smile.

“Now Zora, this is your finale challenge. You know why.” Then Princess winked at Zora knowingly and Zora nodded and smiled. Lars wasn’t sure what had exchanged between the two women and was curious but dare not ask.

“Now attention Lars. Stop looking puzzled. It doesn’t become you and makes you look moronic. Now lets get to what you are good at. I want you to gently bend this beauty over and show her your man skills…oh and I would like you to warm up and penetrate her bottom.”

“Yes Mistress, with pleasure.”

Lars sank to his knees and began with his tongue. He pleasured Zora’s bottom gently with the tip of his tongue and reached towards her fufu with his fingers gently circling. ¬†Zora’s nipples stiffened and she started to moan. Not only was Lars incredibly good looking but he knew what he was doing. ¬†Princess looked on approvingly and then started to inspect her phone as she tapped away with something obviously more important.

Lars spread Zora’s cheeks and lapped gently up and down and then inserted a finger. This really did not feel like a punishment to Zora but of course she knew she was being tested. She decided to let herself go and get into the experience and enjoy it whole heartedly. Lars was used to breaking in Princesses slaves and knew exactly when they needed more warming up and when they were ready. She¬†was more than¬†ready and Lars realised that Zora was hungry to feel him inside her. He spread her cheeks wider and started to push slowly into her beckoning bottom. Zora cried out in pleasure as he entered her and writhed her hips passionate like a crazed animal. Lars was on the edge already and took it slowly pounding her rhythmically. He knew not to displease his Mistress and come before given permission.

Princess looked up from her phone. “Good isn’t he Zora. Just enjoy it. ” She winked again knowing she had given Zora a real treat today. Lars was always a favourite with her slaves.

After a few minutes Princess had another suggestion. “Zora, now sat on him and ride him until you milk him.”.

Lars pulled out and laid back on the floor. Zora almost sprang on him and sat down on his throbbing cock and then used her thighs for all they were worth bouncing up and down.

“Make her come Lars.”

Lars used his fingers to bring Zora to a screaming orgasm. The sense of relief on Zora’s face was immense. She had longed for release for days now and the build up had excited and tormented her. ¬†The exquisite¬†agony diminished and her face broke into a sweet smile. Lars knew he had pleased his Mistress and knew what his job was know. He thrust a few more times and came silently but with a look of bliss on his face.

“Marvellous.” said Princess. “Now I have a lot to do. Lars, go clean up. Maid please take care of Zora, and Zora – I’d like you to join me for dinner at 7pm. “

Princess turned on her heel and let the room. Zora stood with her mouth open. Such an invitation. She couldn’t believe what had just happened int he last hour, the beautiful Lars and a dinner invitation. She had better find a suitable dress.


Zora was dressed in a black elegant dress as instructed. It was an off the shoulder affair, nipped in at the waist and enhancing the bust. ¬†She tapped tentatively on the door and heard her Mistress say “ENTER.”.

Princess was sat at an old oak table. In the centre was a candelabra and the glow from the candles gave the room an enchanting feel to it. Her Mistress was dressed more casually in an above the knee black dress, and high patent stilettos.

“Sit.” Said Princess pulling out a chair and pouring a glass of wine for Zora.

“Thank you” said Zora slipping into the seat. She eyed the olives, fruits and appetisers.

“Do dig in Zora.” said Princess. “No formalities needed tonight.”

Zora smiled and took a big gulp of wine.

“So Zora, how do you feel your training has gone this week.”

“Well, I , err, I hope I have done my best.”

“Yes you have Zora, but how do YOU feel about it?”

“Yes Mistress, it’s everything I could have wanted. I feel different now. Happier.”

“I know you have been through a lot in the past couple of years Zora. Such a transformation takes great courage.”

“It hasn’t been easy Mistress. Without offending you it was harder than coming here and anything we did.”

“I understand.” said Princess. “When you first made contact with me I wasn’t sure that you were capable of all that you had requested. Yet when I met you I could see the yearning in your eyes. This is why I didn’t go easy on you. To be comfortable with who you are, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and push your boundaries. I saw to it that you experienced all the fantasies you mentioned and overcame your fears.”

“I was scared at first but I really did enjoy it. Did I do ok?”

“What was your biggest wish that you wrote in your letter to me before you came?”

“To be accepted as a female Princess”

“Yes and let me reveal something to you. Today Lars had no idea that you were post op. He saw you as any other beautiful female. He showed no signs of realisation and as he has been with various post ops¬†he should know. Besides, he¬†would have told me in confidence if he had realised.”

“Really Princess?”

“Really Zora.” Princess reassured her slave.

“That’s why I used him…plus I felt you deserved a treat! He’s a bit of a looker ins’t he Zora?” Princess grinned devilishly.

“He really thought I was a woman?”

Princess took Zora softly by the arm and gazed into her eyes.

“Zora, you ARE a woman. That’s who you are now. He accepted it and I think you have almost accepted it too. Believe in who you are now. You are ready to leave in the morning,and ready to start your new life, ¬†but let me tell you. You are an absolute pleasure to session with and you are welcome back anytime, even if it’s just for a glass of wine”

Zora nodded with the most radiant smile of joy on her face.

On cue Maid entered popping a bottle of champagne and pouring two flutes for the pair.

“This is a celebration Zora – to new beginnings.”

“To new beginnings” Zora smiled with a tear streaking down her beautiful face.